OCA: First, proclaim the Gospel

From OCA News on Tuesday’s start of the fall sessions of the Holy Synod of Bishops of the Orthodox Church in America and the OCA’s Metropolitan Council:

Orthodox Church in America

Orthodox Church in America

In addressing the strategic plan, Metropolitan Council members entered into a long and passionate discussion about the mission and vision of the OCA. It was observed that in recent times the mission of the Church has become identified almost exclusively with the idea of a unified Church in North America. Members of the Council stated that, while Church unity is desirable and must be a goal in the life of the OCA, Church structures are far less important than the proclamation of the Gospel.

Evangelization must be the Church’s first priority, and this is work that is not dependent on, or has to wait for, a unfied Orthodox body in North America. It was also stressed that Evangelization must focus on the culture, or more accurately the cultures, within North America, in particular on those segments of society which are yet unchurched.

Full report here.


  1. George Michalopulos :

    What a novel idea! Has anybody told the folks on 79th St in NYC?

  2. Wow, what a concept. Could it be that if we really were preaching the Gospel the Holy Spirit would unify us?

  3. I’m beginning to wonder if all the Chambesy protocals are nothing more than a response to this Metropolitan.

    This has GOT to be scary stuff to those Pharisees…proclaim the Gospel…and from a guy who’s likely to be around for a VERY long time.

    St Raphael and St Tikhon…as well as Sts Photios and John Chrysostom must be smiling.

    This is like watching God paint.

    I can hardly WAIT to see what’s next!!!

    Best Regards,

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