New European Union school calendar omits Christian holidays

European Union

Secularists of the world unite!

So we are supposed to believe that omitting the Christian holidays was a mistake?

Source: Catholic News Agency | HT: Monomakhos

Strasbourg, France, Jan 14, 2011 / 02:11 pm (CNA).- A 2011-2012 school calendar published by the European Union has omitted Christian holidays, while continuing to note important Jewish and Muslim celebrations.

The European Union has printed three million copies of the calendar which will be distributed free-of-charge to students who request them.

Former French politician and government minister, Christine Boutin, wrote in her blog Jan. 11 that the calendar leaves out Christianity, “the religion practiced or recognized as forming the cultural assembly of our ‘old’ continent.”

Boutin is a consultant for the Pontifical Council for the Family, as well as president of the Christian Democratic Party in France. She went on to lament that Christianity has “fallen into the limbo of collective ignorance.”

While Christian holidays such as Christmas and Easter are missing from the calendar’s pages, days commemorating “Sikh Baisakhi-Day, the Jewish Yom Kippur holiday, the Muslim holiday Aid-el-Kebir,” remain in place,” Boutin continued.

The Christian Democratic Party in France called the omissions “unacceptable” and has filed a petition asking that the calendars not be distributed as printed, but that students be given versions that include Christian holidays.

“The role of the Christian religion in the shaping of Europe is an undeniable historical fact” that the European Union cannot omit. To do so would be to “instruct students while denying that a particular religion has greatly contributed to the foundation and unity of Europe,” the organization said.

The petition states that the Christian religion is “the first of all religions in Europe. It is therefore unthinkable that it be denied, as it has great importance for the lives of all.”

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  1. In the anti-Christian EU there is a huge disparity between the often-repeated pledges to ensure equal treatment for all its citizens and the systematic discrimination against traditionalists. Minorities are more equal than the majority. Christian religion is “the first of all religions in Europe. It is therefore unthinkable that it be denied, as it has great importance for the lives of all”. Through a calculated indoctrination processes many things that we previously thought were unthinkable become “normal”. Same sex coupling was unthinkable in the mid-twentieth Century. Today, describing homosexuality as a sin is a sin in itself. Calculated incitement and indoctrination made possible the most unthinkable atrocities: genocide, forced labor and concentration camps.

  2. Christian organizations and members of the European Parliament must insist that new school calendar diaries are published for 2011-2012 by the European Union that include the Christian holidays. As for the three million school calendar diaries already published without the Christian holidays indicated — they can be trashed or recycled. Doubling the cost by reprinting these three million diaries will be a good lesson for the European Union to learn, and will help to prevent another anti-Christian “mistake” in the future!

  3. This tragic failure of the European Union is a wonderful opportunity for the Ecumenical Patriarchate and the Archons to step forward and defend Christianity in Europe. After all, the Archons were just in Brussels with European Leaders at their own relgious freedom conference.

  4. Good luck on the Archons Andrew. Their mission is to defend the EP and not Christianity!

  5. Andrew:

    From the EP website, an Archon is described as: “The fundamental goal of the Order of St. Andrew is directed at an ongoing concern for religious freedom and the defense and advancement of the Ecumenical Patriarchate”.

    From the bylaws of the Archons, the qualifications are:

    “(a) He is a citizen and permanent resident of the United States.

    “(b) He is a practicing and devout Orthodox Christian and a member in good standing of his local Church.

    “(c) He has demonstrated love, devotion and support to the Ecumenical Patriarchate and its institutions.

    “(d) By his deeds and record, he has demonstrated support, devotion and sustained service to his local parish.

    “(e) He has never been convicted of any crime and enjoys the unqualified respect and high regard of his fellow parishioners.

    “(f) He has demonstrated leadership qualities and achieved success in his chosen field of endeavor.

    “(g) At all times he has comported himself with a high degree of dignity and in a manner consistent with the mission of the Order and the purposes and objectives contained in these By-Laws.

    “(h) Following his investiture, he shall become a vibrant and enthusiastic member of the Order, who will respond in a positive way to the appeals of his Regional Commander and of the National Council.

    “(i) Generally, his investiture will be a credit to the Order and a positive influence in the accomplishment of the Order’s purposes and objectives.”

    (Article IX, Section 3 of the By Laws of the Order of St. Andrew )

    They list only one project in which they are involved, as follows:

    “Religious Freedom Project for the Ecumenical Patriarchate

    The Order of St. Andrew has launched a major Religious Freedom Initiative in an attempt to safeguard the future of the Ecumenical Patriarchate whose existence is threatened by the persecutory policies of the government of Turkey. A major component of this initiative is mobilizing the Orthodox Churches in the United States to ask their respective United States Senators to sign a letter to President Bush which articulates the crisis in religious freedom the Ecumenical Patriarchate faces, which if continues threatens the survival of this nearly 2000 year old institution founded by the First Called Apostle of Christ, Andrew, the brother of Peter.”

    There is no mention of the defense of Christianity in general, Orthodoxy in general or in particular, or Orthodox persecuted in places other than under the EP’s jurisdiction in Turkey.

    In fact, in order to promote the interests of the EP, they have recently done something that is disturbing to the Greeks in America, the Greeks in Greece and the Greeks in Cyprus. Check this out:

    • Great article. Here is something to consider, if defending the EP does not mean defending Christianity in the public square, if preserving the EP does not mean preserving Christianity in a hostile culture, if the ministry of the EP does not mean evangelizing and spreading the Gospel and fighting for the truth of the Gospel then anything the EP touches will ultimately be a failure. This includes all these episcopal assemblies across the world.

      If the European union can ratchet up the pressure and make itself hostile to Christians then what good are all the EP’s effort to get Turkey in the European Union or to get Halki open. What good is the opening of the Halki Seminary if it is completely neutered of a prophetic Christian witness.

      • Michael Bauman :

        Andrew: None.

        The current organization of the Church is indefensible. It neuters every witness we might otherwise make, regardless of jurisdiction. The sooner we repudiate it and abandon it, the better off we will be. It is a relic of the Roman Empire. It fosters and protects all manner of corruption, complacency and concupisence. Genuine ecclesial hierachy founded on the Gospels and the sacarmental life is encrusted with Machievellian machinations motived by lust and greed.

        Unless the bishops start acting like bishops instead of satraps or commisars the official church will crash and burn with a whining whimper leaving a whole lot of decimated people in its wake.

        +Basil of Wichita is authentic because he wants to be AND, he is one of the few actually consecrated and enthroned in the parish he serves. It is not co-incidence, IMO, that his Cathedral is in the center of the country–Wichita, KS. He takes care of his priests, the misson parishes in his diocese (or what ever its called these days). Our parish is liberal in support of a number of local agencies as well as sponsoring as many of our own such as The Treehouse which counsels and supports women who might otherwise have abortions. We are in the process of establishing a monastary and an Orthodox Classical K-12 school. We support missions abroad and have a number of on-going catecheical endeavors for both adults (inquirers and Orthodox alike). We have excellent attendance at Sunday Divine Liturgy and have daily vespers (some what less well attended). We are somewhat slothful in our practice of confession but it is readily available either before Saturday Vespers or by appointment throughout the week.

        Apart from the antimensis (sp) we don’t need anything from the Archdiocese.

    • George Michalopulos :

      Nick, you forgot to mention that acquiring a taste for Turkish shoe leather is also a prequisite for being a Leader of the Universal Patriarchate.

  6. they have recently done something that is disturbing to the Greeks in America, the Greeks in Greece and the Greeks in Cyprus

    They have seriously hurt themselves; it is a self-destructive process because people are not that foolish. It is a long process though ….

  7. George: I hear that the Archons no longer serve Greek coffee. They now serve Turkish coffee.

  8. cynthia curran :

    Well its true Michael that the Byzantines had there problems and Medieval Catholic Europe but I would think that they would be shocked by modern Western Eruope taking religion totally out. Actaully, the law code that most European countries have been influence the Justinian Code mentions God in it, maybe, Justinian mixed the state and church too much, but alas he wrote that God is the source of law, not that all laws come from God, but the political order does and so does Justice.

  9. Defend Christianity in Europe :

    Europe without Christianity is dying..

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