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  1. George Michalopulos :


  2. Jim Phillips :

    A message that needs to be heard by ALL.

    Every Christian should be praying for Father Zakariah’s saftey.

  3. Fr. Zakaria Botros is a Coptic Orthodox priest who has been taking on the world of Islam (and winning.) May God give him the strength.

    • Inspiring and courageous. The power of his faith also exposes the moral impotence of the Secular Progressives in the West.

      Why with eleven more like him . . .

      • Even 3 more like him would be enough to have an enormous impact!

        • Very true! Of course, lest I be misconstrued, I am grateful even for one. There is really no point at which we don’t need such apostolic dedication. (Sorry for the double negative.) On the other hand, Jesus chose twelve (hence my wish for eleven more) to “set the world on fire,” so I’m sticking with that. Seventy would be even better, since you always want some depth on the bench.

  4. By walking in the faith and fearlessly proclaiming the Lord and speaking the truth he is bearing much fruit and bringing salvation to millions!

    This is how a lion for Christ acts and speaks. What a faithful servant indeed! No wonder the power of Christ and the illumination of the Holy Spirit flows from every fiber of his being.

    May God grant Fr. Zakariah many years! I hope he inspires other Orthodox bishops, priests, and lay people to trust the teaching of Christ and walk in the Spirit of God.

  5. Despite all the miracles they had seen, the Apostles were fearful and timid. After Christ’s Resurrection and the Pentecost they set out to spread the Gospel to the whole world.

    Communism made it obvious that many sought to eradicate the very name of Christ, but His name grows ever mightier. It is better to surrender our life to Christ, even though we do not fully understand His ways, than to follow Satan who is all about death and lies.

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