Metropolitan Jonah urges faithful to join DC March for Life

Met. Jonah at the March for Life in 2009

Met. Jonah at the March for Life in 2009

WASHINGTON, DC [OCA] — Orthodox Christians everywhere — especially those within driving distance of the US capital — are being encouraged to bear witness to their faith at the annual March for Life on Friday, January 22, 2010.

His Beatitude, Metropolitan Jonah has issued a special invitation encouraging youth and young adults to join him in proclaiming that all life is indeed a gift from God.

The faithful are asked to gather by noon under the “Orthodox Christians for Life” banner to the left of the stage at the Ellipse, between the Washington Monument and the national Mall. Metropolitan Jonah will be the first of several speakers to address the public at the pre-March program.

At the conclusion of the March, Metropolitan Jonah will offer prayers for the victims of abortion.

On Thursday, January 21, the eve of the March, the faithful are encouraged to join Metropolitan Jonah for Vespers at Saint Nicholas Cathedral, 3500 Massachusetts Ave. NW, at 7:00 p.m. A reception will follow.

On the morning of the March, Metropolitan Jonah and members of the Holy Synod of Bishops will concelebrate the Divine Liturgy at the cathedral at 8:00 a.m.

Students from Saint Vladimir’s Seminary, Crestwood, NY and Saint Tikhon’s Seminary, South Canaan, PA, will form a combined choir to render the liturgical responses at both services. Classes at both seminaries will be suspended for the day to encourage participation by faculty and students alike.

Following the March, Metropolitan Jonah will offer the invocation at the annual Rose Dinner at DC’s Hyatt Regency Hotel.

While additional details concerning the the Orthodox Christian witness will be forthcoming, general information on the March may be found at


  1. cynthia curran :

    Sort of related to the March but a little off topic from it.Well, I was reading the quotes of the Church fathers on the other page on this website and one was on Basil. I look up on the abortion issue on the internet, and it spoke about the history of abortion and it mention that Basil had an impact on the Emperor Valentarian(probably the 2nd) to outlaw abortion around 390 A.D. This is one of the better things about the Byzantines and early Orthodox civilzation one finds on the internet. Its too bad that some Orthodox that disagree with other Conservative Christians don’t understand that against abortion was important in the early days of Orthodox and Catholic Civilzation.

  2. George Michalopulos :

    Cynthia, it’s not that most don’t know about the Church’s position (which to be honest, I think most don’t, they think it’s a modern procedure), it’s that too many of us have bought into the modernist notions of egalitarianism and “liberalism.”

  3. cynthia curran :

    Well, that’s true about egalitarianism and liberalism. I read here about the priest that like Schaeffer new book. Now some of the people mention are more religous right but Rick Warren is one of the protestants that is mention who is not strongly on the religious right. Warren went to Syria about 4 years ago because of a moslem friend from Syria that live in the same neighborhood in California wanted him to travel to Syria. Warren was not critical of the Syrian government but praise them a little. This shows that he doesn’t belong to the religious right since he was not critical of the Syrian government. This proves a point that some orthodox don’t know who is really in the religious right or not.


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