Met. Jonah to Headline “Towards an American Orthodox Church Symposium”

This looks very good.

St. Cyril of Jerusalem Orthodox Christian Church
P. O. Box 133234
The Woodlands, TX 77393-3234

Driving directions to St. Cyril Orthodox Church.

Friday, December 2, 2011

8:00 am  –  8:45 am  Continental Breakfast

8:45 am  –  9:00 am  Morning Prayers & Welcome

9:00 am  –  9:15 am Opening Remarks

 His Beatitude Metropolitan JONAH +

9:15 am  –  9:45 am Foundation for Unified Local Orthodox Church According to John 17

 Protopresbyter Nicholas Triantafilou

 (President Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology)

9:45 am  – 10:15 am Ecclesiology and The Local Church

Cynthia Kostas

10:15 am – 10:45 am Update of Episcopal Assembly 

 His Beatitude Metropolitan JONAH +

10:45 am – 11:00 am Break & Refreshments

11:00 am – 11:45 am Update of AAC

 His Beatitude Metropolitan JONAH +

11:45 am –  12:30 pm Challenges: Canonicity ~ Autonomy and Autocephaly

 His Beatitude Metropolitan JONAH +

12:30 pm –   1:30 pm Lunch

1:30 pm –   2:15 pm Challenges: Canonicity ~ Mother Church and Ecumenical Patriarch

Father David Moretti

 (Interim Pastor of Saint Cyril of Jerusalem, The Woodlands, TX)

2:15 pm –   3:00 pm Liturgical Challenges ~ Language

 Archimandrite Meletios Weber

 (Abbot of St. John’s Monastery, Manton, CA)

3:00 pm –   3:45 pm Liturgical Challenges ~ Ethnic Traditions

 Mother Gabriella

 (Abbess of Holy Dormition Monastery, Rives Junction, MI)

3:45 pm –   4:30 pm Issues of Property Ownership

 His Beatitude Metropolitan JONAH +

4:30 pm –   4:45 pm Break & Refreshments

4:45 pm –   5:30 pm Orthodox Youth & the Future of American Orthodoxy

 Father Anthony Baba

 (Pastor of Saint Anthony, Spring, TX)

5:30 pm –   6:15 pm Orthodox Women & the Future of American Orthodoxy

 Mother Gabriella

 (Abbess of Holy Dormition Monastery, Rives Junction, MI)

6:15 pm –   6:30 pm Break: Prepare for Vespers 

6:30 pm  Vespers 

Saturday, December 3, 2011

8:00 am –   8:45 am Continental Breakfast

8:45 am –   9:00 am Morning Prayers & Welcome

9:00 am –   9:30 am Summary Day 1

 His Beatitude Metropolitan JONAH +

9:30 am – 10:45 am Conclusions, Summary & Next Steps:

 The Role of the Hierarchy

 His Beatitude Metropolitan JONAH +

10:45 am – 11:00 am Break & Refreshments

 11:00 am – 12:15 pm Conclusions, Summary & Next Steps: 

 The Role of the Laity

 Archimandrite Meletios Weber

 (Abbot of St. John’s Monastery, Manton, CA)

12:15 pm –   1:15 pm Lunch

1:15 pm –   2:30 pm Conclusions, Summary & Next Steps: 

 Sustaining the Vision

 Protopresbyter Nicholas Triantafilou

 (President Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology)

2:30 pm –   3:30 pm Houston as a Role Model:

Houston Orthodox Clergy Association

3:30 pm –   4:30 pm Houston as a Role Model:

 Houston Orthodox Laity

 Subdeacon Constantin Ardeleanu & Mark Hunter

4:30 pm –   4:45 pm Break & Refreshments

4:45 pm –   6:15 pm Round Table for Houston Vision for Toward An American Orthodox Church:

 * Pan Orthodox Services

 * Pan Orthodox Laity Association

 * Pan Orthodox Youth Association

 * Pan Orthodox Women’s Association

 * Pan Orthodox Monastic Community 

***** Above session to be a round table forum with the purpose of outlining constructive action plan for Greater Houston Clergy Association and its’ laity to use as a tool toward Unity!*****

6:15 pm –  6:45 pm Closing Remarks

 His Beatitude Metropolitan JONAH +

6:45 pm –  7:00 pm Break: Prepare for Vespers

7:00                Great Vespers


  1. Reader Benjamin :

    This looks absolutely splendid. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend this as I live in Ohio and I’m already coming to Dallas for the January symposium on Missions and Evangelism. Does anyone have someone who I can contact to ensure that this will be recorded and that I can receive a recording? It would be wonderful if AOI could post this on its website.

    • Snaps to that, Benjamin; I’m also in Ohio, but there must be a Houston AFR associate/podcaster willing to go help this thing get recorded if that is not already being planned. Personally, I’m amazed that this one parish is putting the whole thing on–those are obviously some fine speakers, so to get them all in one place must certainly have been challenging.

    • Fr. Johannes Jacobse :

      If MP3’s are available, I will post them. This does look good. I’ll email the parish and find out.

    • Fr. Johannes Jacobse :

      Just got this from Fr. David Moretti:

      Ancient Faith will be recording all of the sessions and posting them so the MP3s will be available and then we have someone locally who will be videotaping it and we will be uploading that to our own


  1. […] Metropolitan Jonah Speaks on Orthodox Unity in Texas November 30, 2011 Leave a Comment .nrelate .nr_sponsored{ left:0px !important; } // +Jonah is speaking in Texas this weekend on Orthodox unity. Despite all the troubles he has faced in the last months, his vision of a vibrant, evangelical oriented Church is the one embraced by priests and laity who will carry the Gospel of Jesus Christ as it understood in our Orthodox tradition forward. Symposiums like the one below should be received with joy and supported by anyone who understands that the Orthodox do indeed have something to offer America. It should also compel us to get our own house in order even more so we can be faithful to that commission. HT: AOI. […]

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