Mattingly on Fr. Siarhei Hardun, the Presbyterian Assembly, and the press

Journalist Terry Mattingly edits the blog “Get Religion” which examines religion in the media. The blog is a great read and worth a (repeating) look. A few excepts from Mattingly’s commentary on Fr. Hardun’s recent comments at the Presbyterian assembly (see: MINNEAPOLIS: Presbyterian gay measures criticized by visiting (Orthodox) priest):

Terry Mattingly

Terry Mattingly

As you would expect, the only place one can find more extensive coverage of Father Siarhei’s remarks — which were spoken gently, but were extremely blunt — is in publications linked to the PCUSA conservatives, such as The Layman. For those who paid close attention to the doctrinal comments in his text, his words could only be called shockingly offensive.

(Fr. Hardun) is saying that the divisions inside the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) may be rooted in a clash between those who are heeding the God of the Bible and those who are hearing the voices of, literally, another god. He is asking if part of the assembly is, in a very real way, possessed by a false spirit.

Whether one agrees with him or not, that is a truly radical and offensive statement. It might even be newsworthy. You think?

Read Terry Mattingly’s entire commentary.

View Fr. Hardun’s greeting below (starts at about 0:58):


  1. George Michalopulos :

    Obviously, this retrograde fellow didn’t get the memo from the multi-culturalists within the GOA. I was put in my place recently when I was told by a high-ranking GOA priest “what do I care if two old queers want to go to Vermont to get ‘married’?”

  2. As a former PCUSA member, Father Siarhei expressed exactly why I am now an Orthodox Christian. It was a pleasure to meet him in July at our Cathedral in Minneapolis.

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