Ligonier 1994: ‘A New Era Has Begun’

Watch and listen as American Orthodox metropolitans and bishops make a case for administrative unity — 15 years ago. The Ligonier Meeting was a gathering of twenty-eight or twenty-nine Orthodox Christian hierarchs in North America, specifically those affiliated with SCOBA, held Nov. 30 to Dec. 2, 1994, at Antiochian Village in Ligonier, Pa.

In Part 3, Greek Orthodox Metropolitan Methodios says: “There’s no question that we all want to be one administratively, and share not only a theological union that we have … but we want to be united administratively. I like to think it can be done soon. I’m not saying in a month or two or three or a year. But I hope that it doesn’t take 50 years to accomplish. It will certainly take some time.”

Antiochian Metropolitan Philip issues an appeal to the Mother Churches to include the American churches in “overseas” Pan-Orthodox synods. “We pray that the mother churches will realize soon that we are no longer little children and that the preparatory commission of the Great Synod will stop discussing the diaspora, quote unquote, in absentia,” he said.

In Part 4, Archbishop Dimitri, of the Orthodox Church in America, says that, “Our perception is that it’s an immediate need. Whether the response to that perception is going to be the same or not, is hard to say. I think at least some of the churches like Constantinople and Antioch are very conscious of our concerns here and perhaps they’ll respond. If those two churches, for example, take the lead, I believe the other churches would follow.”


  1. George Michalopulos :

    the more things change, the more they stay the same…

  2. Somebody should juxtapose the comments of Met. Methodios in 1994 with the comments he made on video recently in the HCHC Chapel.

  3. Andrew,

    see this post on

    10 | Dean Calvert | August 22, 2009 | 2:20 pm

    Another article by Metropolitan Methodios:

    An Eyewitness to Orthodox History

    By Bishop Methodios of Boston

    (as originally published in The Hellenic Chronicle, 12-15-94)

    amazing isn’t it….sure glad Charles Ajalat decided to record it all…otherwise they wouldn’t have even admitted going.

    I’ve actually had Greek priests tell me that the GOA did not participate in Ligonier..believe that or not.

    Oh well.

    Best Regards,


  4. It would be interesting to do a whatever happened to piece on the bishops who attended Ligonier.

    Who is alive? Who reposed? Who got “retired”? Who flip-flopped etc?

    Lets also remember one thing that it was not even the Greeks (at the time) who revolted against Ligonier. I may need corrected here but I belive The two chief culprits who ran crying to the Phanar were +Nicholas of Amissos of the American Carpatho Russian Orthodox Church and +Vsevelod of Scopelos of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

  5. Michael Bauman :

    On the 10th Anniversay of Ligonier, The Antiochian Word magazine did interviews with some of the attendees. Met. Joseph of the Patriarchal Bulgarian Archdiocese of North America, Canada and Australia said among other things that before the vision of Ligonier was accomplished all participants would have to be dead.

    That leaves at least 20 years or so following a natural time-line.

    Met. Joseph is a sober and monastary formed man. An excellent bishop. Personally, I wish he had more parishes in this country.

  6. George Michalopulos :

    Andrew, I believe you’re correct. Andrew, I hope Met Joseph is wrong, but I assume he’s right. sigh.

  7. Dean #3.

    I have no trouble believing it. History can be such a pain: all those things you have to go into denial about. LOL.

    Archb. Iakovos of blessed memory was certainly there, or has he been erased from their collective memory too?

    Btw, York and Foster, LOL. You mean Elmhearst from where I’m from. See you later.

  8. George Michalopulos :

    Isa, +Iakovos has definately gone into the old memory hole.


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