Is Europe waking up from its multi-cultural inebriation?

Austrian MP Ewald Stadler speaks to the position of the Turkish Ambassador and tells off some of his colleagues.

During this, he addresses the lack of outrage when Catholic Archbishop Luigi Padovese was killed in Turkey and mentions the priests who have been killed.

Stadler is certainly not an indifferent Catholic!


  1. You know in many ways the man has a point. If an Islamic cleric so much as broke a fingernail in a scuffle anywhere in the West because he was Islamic the reaction in some of the media would land high, wide and consecutive on the person responsible. GLBT groups would pounce on the ‘hater’. Talking heads on afternoon TV would fly the poor damaged cleric on their private jets to major trauma centers. The misdoer would be visited by so many levels of law enforcement and justice departments they’d have to take numbers and wait in line to interview the ‘perp’.

    Then the wrong person would get booted from ‘American Idol’, the aforementioned perp would be dismissed after paying court fees, and the Islamic cleric would hold press conferences with his bandaged thumb and only people with laptop cams broadcasting on U Tube would come.

    Did you know there was a world wide oil spill of epic proportions that would end life as we knew it in the Gulf of Mexico less than a year ago? Oh yes, you could google it. ‘BP’.

    Another Palin is on Dancing with the Stars! Woot Woot. What channel?

  2. Seems this is a bigger deal than I thought. I shared the link on a few other venues and via email — the response was uniformly supportive across the political spectrum. Usually my friends ‘of the left’ disagree with my friends ‘on the right’. Not on this one. Must mean something.

  3. Fr. Johannes Jacobse :

    Check out Roger Scruton’s article: Multiculturalism, R.I.P.

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