Interview with Frederica Mathewes-Green and Fr. Hans Jacobse [AUDIO]

Frederica - Here and NowAfter the debate in Maryland, Frederica and Fr. Gregory Mathewes-Green invited me to their home for breakfast on the way to the airport. It was the first time I met them. Frederica is a very gracious woman. She made a beautiful breakfast (homemade pancakes, I love pancakes, these were great), we had some great conversation, and then she pulled out a portable microphone and started interviewing me. Fr. Gregory told me she carries the microphone in her purse and when the muse strikes her she records a podcast. What follows is the interview, a kind of immediate reflection on the debate two days earlier.


  1. alexis banias :

    I absolutely loved the interview! I had the privilege of meeting Mrs. M-G on Saturday night, September 8, 2001 right before evening vespers. She had so graciously welcomed me and my friend into her home and autographed “Facing East.” She approaches everyone with such a sincere love and kindness, and her writings seem to flow with edifying vigor for the Lord. Her pro-life example should be the standard and norm for the entire Orthodox Church. I also applaud Father Hans Jacobse for taking the fight into the Public Square, especially into the breeding grounds of liberalism and pseudo-intellectuals, with love and truth. Yes, his notion that consistent viewing of pornopgraphy will make one into an animal was excellent. And sadly, people do not read history let alone read, too busy being “entertained” by the devil’s eye – television. I couldn’t help but think of the late great Dr. Neil Postman’s book, “Amusing Ourselves to Death,” amongst many other great books he has written. Furthermore, the book by Drs. Marvin Olasky and Alvin Schmidt – “The Great Divide-” clearly and concisely in a historical context examines the contributions Christianity has made for the advancement of all mankind. When there is a moral source in Christ Jesus, the possibilties for excellence are endless. IC XC NI KA!! Bravo Mrs. M-G and Father Jacobse!!

  2. cynthia curran :

    Well, I think Ms Green would have help to get Ann Rice of the horror novels to Orthodoxy. Rice went back to christianity and tried the Roman Catholicism of her childhood but the reason that she stop going to church was because her son was gay-I mean Ann Rice. I think someone like Ms Green would have been able to convince Ann Rice of the benefit of Orthodoxy. Rice in the past 10 years wrote two novels about Christ and the first about his childhood and the stay in Egypt I agree with Rice that the holy family went to Alexanderia. Alexanderia had the biggest Jewish poopulation in Egypt at the time. Now I aware of some Orthodox having tradations that the holy family went to smaller towns in Egypt but Aelxanderia was full of Jews.

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