HuffPo Writer Also Wants to Eradicate Limbaugh, Beck, and O’Reilly

I wanted to give Frank Schaeffer the benefit of the doubt and have been patient with his forays into the senseless (yes, bereft of good sense) moral posturing of the left thinking that he might moderate after he saw that the best he could hope for was a paternalistic tolerance a step or two above useful idiot status. Looks like he isn’t getting the message. Is Schaeffer becoming the Orthodox version of Barry Lynn? Who takes Lynn seriously? Certainly not the left.


By Rusty Weiss | Newsbusters

Frank Schaeffer

Frank Schaeffer

Huffington Post blogger, Frank Schaeffer, has been trying to eradicate elements of the right for quite some time. Katie Bell had a great post on Monday covering his recent call to ‘eradicate’ fundamental Christianity.

It’s no secret that Schaeffer is very critical of religious elements in society. But on a side note, were you aware that he is a former member of the religious right? Apparently making mention of such information gives him street cred with the non-religious left. He mentions it nearly every time he opens his mouth. Take a drink every time Schaeffer mentions his past participation in the religious right, and you’re sure to be hammered in no time.

Not content with attacking the religious right, Schaeffer has also made a career of attacking the conservative voice in general. Last year, he penned a column so bereft of facts that even the Huffington Post should have been embarrassed by the content. More troublesome is that this particular post included the pronouncement of a new Web site campaign that is wrong on two fronts: It incorrectly predicts the rise of violence perpetrated by the ‘far right’ (anyone who dares to oppose Barack Obama), and it specifically labels conservative talk show hosts Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, and Glenn Beck as ‘domestic terrorists’.

Schaeffer states in his October 5, 2009 column that, “The extremism and paranoid delusions of the far, far loony right — in other words The Republican Party today as led and deformed by Beck/Limbaugh/Fox and the fundamentalist “Christians” — is now on full display.”

Read the entire article on the Newsbusters website.


  1. Schaeffer has become a cartoon character.

    Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

    This is simply name-calling and classic projection. It is such a pitiable and sad thing to see a man turn so voraciously on his own background.

    Don’t be surprised if he converts to Islam soon. I’m serious.

    • George Michalopulos :

      I hear you, John. I know where you’re coming from: Islam is the vanguard of the New Left –the “oppressed, darker races that have been victimized by the West.” They’re excused for their fundamentalism (which is far more violent than Christianity’s) because in a very real sense, the devil “knows his own.” More and more of the idiots of the Far Left will take the Islamic path, of this I’m convinced.

  2. Schaeffer, I’m afraid, doesn’t know how to make a living except as a provocateur, political or sexual. He was an angry evangelical and now he’s an angry Orthodox (remember his evangelical book “A Time for Anger“?), and he now sows hatred in the name of eradicating hatred.

    He doesn’t even leave room for exonerating him by “cutting him a little slack.” He took away all the slack and then stretched the rope to the snapping point (e.g., “Admit it: the Bible is nuts in many places. Who follows this stuff? No one! So why stick it to people for choosing to not follow homophobic nonsense?”).

    But pulleeze!: let’s not crawl back between the sheets with adherents of the “former delusion” from which many of us emerged, not undamaged. Fundamentalist literalism is not compatible with Orthodox hermeneutics, and the the conservative “enemy of my [liberal] enemy” isn’t necessarily my friend. The folks over at Newsbusters, to which this item links, know nothing of Orthodox Christianity, and equate fundamentalist literalism to Christianity categorically. But the longer I’m Orthodox, the further I find that I’ve moved from phronema of “the religious right.”

    Schaeffer said some years ago that Orthodoxy was for him “the end of the line.” But I know no reason to think that he’d convert to Islam unless the left so tires of him that he needs a novel revenue source.

    • Brian Jackson :

      I followed the link to the post on your blog, and I enjoyed reading it. The post mirrors many of my own thoughts.

  3. What is interesting is that Franky believes his worldview and embracing of “myth” is in harmony with Orthodox Christianity. This is most troubling not only for Franky but for how Orthodox Christians understand their faith and the demands. It is a poor reflection on the structures of the Church that except for AOI, Franky’s tirades are left unanswered. It is even more troubling that in some Orthodox circles his views are welcomed.

    Really though, I find myself asking What does Franky really believe on a basic Christian level? The more of his angry words I read the more I believe he is moving farther and farther away from the Orthodox Church. Fr. Alexander Schmemann in his journals remarked “The Law of the Church is to give oneself to what is given not to seek one’s own”. Franky has definitely embraced the fashionable fundamentalism of seeking one’s own “Orthodoxy”

    We can speculate all we want about how Franky will re-invent himself next but sadly enough all I see is a man with so much anger in him that he is going to spiritually implode. Without a serious intervention its only a matter of time. And if he does implodem who knows where the pieces will land?

    Seriously folks, put him on your parish sick list and pray for him.

    • “Seriously folks, put him on your parish sick list and pray for him.”
      This is the best thing to do. He seems to be troubled by unclean spirits. Be sure that he is not the only one … In today’s world our defense against these spirits has almost totally disappeared.

      “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.”

      • Michael Bauman :

        Eliot, it is not that our defense has disappeared, it is just that we don’t use what we have been given. I have found the following prayer quite beneficial:

        Let God arise and let His enemies be scattered and let those who hate Him flee from His presence. As smoke vanishes, let them vanish and as wax melts from the presence of fire, so let the demons perish from the presence of those who love God and who sign themselves with the Sign of the Cross and say in gladness: Hail most precious and life-giving Cross of the Lord, for Thou drivest away the demons by the power of our Lord Jesus Christ, crucified on Thee. Who went down to Hades and trampled on the power of the devil and gave us thee, His venerable Cross, for driving away all enemies. O most precious and life-giving Cross of the Lord, help us with our holy Lady, the Virgin Mother of God and with all the Saints (esp. your favorite) throughout the ages. Amen.

        The modern mind tells us that demons are a figment of our imagination or, at best, psychological disorders that can be cured or excused. We revel in our passions without shame. “Success” is simply about dominating others either through force or manipulation. Humility, modesty and obedience are vices not virtues. How many of us rejoice in the Cross? Is it any wonder the demons rejoice and trouble us?

        • Michael : Thanks for the correction. We have to learn to cry out to the Lord, His Holy Mother and the Saints for help. … day and night until these troublesome spirits are driven away.

      • George Michalopulos :

        The Church prescribes repentance, which is the fruit of confession and fasting for this type of anger.

  4. cynthia curran :

    Problem with Franky is that Rush not apart of the Religous Right since I’m never heard him go to church. O’Reiley trys to make excuses for Obama even though he harps on some issues that are conservatve. And Beck is a mormon. None of these guys are evangelical christians. In fact, talk radio has two Catholics Sean Hannity and Laura Ingrahm. Laura talks more about the pro-life issues thn Sean Hannity.

  5. cynthia curran :

    Years ago, Frank mention a dislike for middle class society. Granted, middle class society has flaws but someone who dislikes middle class society tends to moved to the left.

  6. cynthia curran :

    True, some of the left or counter culture believe that Islam is free from modern western corruption. Adam Gandan, who was a son of a Riverside Ca hippie who grew up to become a spokeman for Al-Queda. Granted, I doubt Frank S will go that path.

  7. In all honesty, I understand and support the argument that the current Republican Party has strayed from the true principles of conservatism, or Classical Liberalism: small government, less meddling in other nation’s affairs, free market solutions, strict adherence to the Constitution.

    I just don’t see how endorsing President Obama and his policies will bring the R’s back to these principles? Schaeffer claims to be “pro-life and pro-Obama.” I think that statement is a pure statement of duplicity. And, unfortunately, Mr. Schaeffer isn’t the only Orthodox Christian who harbors such beliefs…

  8. Wow! I found this wonderful article today on former NBA player Manute Bol and his being a Fool for Christ.

    This is a wonderful story to read


  9. Thank you all for the concern expressed for Mr Schaffer. As a convert from 20 years of Catholicism (Protestant before), I have felt blessed and graced to find the beauty of the Orthodox faith and the tradition of love and respect for one another and a focus on one’s own need to repent rather than the sins of another. I have been saddened by very popular blogs which essentially carve up the persons of folks with opposing beliefs rather than sadly and respectfully presenting an opposing point of view (as modeled beautifully by the Monks of Mt Athos recently in their 2006 statements on Ecumenism). Thank you for holding to that tradition in this thread of comments. I will come back to this blog. God bless.

  10. I wonder if Schaeffer’s lefty Huffington Post friends know that he runs an Orthodox publishing house and website that sells books condemning abortion and homosexuality and such things.
    Seriously, go to his “Regina Orthodox Press” website and look at what is sold -even an entire anti-abortion book and books by Clark Carlton
    This is something he runs currently… so does he hide it from his lefty friends? … more likely he goes around saying “well oh that’s my private apophatic faith which has nothing to do with my public stances” or something.
    Anyone have answers as to how this ultra-lefty runs a religiously ultra-conservative on-line bookstore?
    Does he put on his “political hat” one day and wear his “Orthodox hat” at night?

  11. In addition…
    This cassette tape is not selling over at Regina Press anymore, but I once ordered a talk Schaeffer gave at a Greek Orthodox parish somewhere in the Midwest I think -it was called something like “Orthodoxy and 9/11”. He was still selling it a couple years ago I think.
    During the talk, which was about maintaining the Tradition in an increasingly fragmented and hostile world (Post Sept.11 world), he starts literally yelling at the congregation because they had pews and an organ. I mean he just unleashed on them for being “liberals” as far as liturgical practice and actually sounded enraged while he assumed it was his place to chastise them or something. You all have to hear this- he just bursts into a fit about the pews in the middle of the talk!
    Everyone needs to listen to this tape while reading one of Schaeffers latest Huffington Post articles!
    Does he still go on Orthodox lecture tours? I hope not.

    • George Michalopulos :

      Aglaios, the parish in question was my home parish, Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Tulsa, OK. My, how times change. My greater concern is why his “archpastor” doesn’t call him on the carpet. Since he hasn’t, I am forced to conclude that “silence equals complicity,” that is, that the archpastor in question is a liberal himself.

  12. cynthia curran :

    Well, in the book about his son when he goes to the service there is some sexaully expletive material and he thought his son would get a girl pregrant and he admitted to his son smoking pot. Yes, some people like that can be on their high horse.


    One becomes a Christian not because somebody has driven one into a corner by pure arguments. Simply one’s soul at a point comes in touch with the Divine… Or, as one Orthodox theologian put it, “nobody would ever become a monk unless he once saw the shining of eternal life in the face of another person”. A believer differs from a non-believer simply in that the range of his experience is greater, just as a person with an ear for music differs from those who do not hear the harmony of music accords. If a person has the experience of an encounter with God, so much changes in this world for him! But if he loses it, so much gets darkened! One young man wrote at the dawn of the 19th century: “If a person has been given this virtue of union with Christ, he meets the blows of fate with calmness and inner tranquility, opposing courageously the storms of passions and withstanding fearlessly the rage of evil. How can you fail to endure suffering if you know that by persisting in Christ and working zealously you glorify God Himself?!” Later, after rejecting Christ, the author of these remarkable words about a life-time union would write only about alienation. The name of this young man was Karl Marx.

  14. Michael Bauman :

    The question then becomes, what situations allow someone to turn their back on God after being touched by Him? Are we not complicit? I am sure my own example is not Godly more often than it is.

    Do we seek healing in Christ for ourselves and others, or do we seek to be ‘right’ at the expense of ourselves and others?

    • It is not sure how much of what Karl Marx wrote is his own experience. Perhaps not much…maybe just an intellectual understanding. Certain is that he later borrowed Christian ideas and tried to make things work without Christ. The result was a disaster.

      The way a heart turns to God is a great mystery. How one turns his back to God is well known: its satan’s example, is pride.

      There is a tiny string of unbelief in the heart of the most faithful and a trace of faith in the heart of the most convinced atheist. God works with these parts per million concentrations.

      I choose to say like the Canaanite Woman: I am unworthy
      but “even dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their master’s
      table”. By now we know very well how much suffering brought about the atheist/materialist/communist ideas. Now it is pretty easy to make up your mind. Sadly, there are still so many who, out of ignorance, ‘choose’ the serve the one who hates them.

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