Helping Macrina

From Fr. Gregory Jensen (Koinonia)

Of the many reasons I keep a blog, one central reason is that it allows me to meet many, many people and to introduce them to the Orthodox Church.

Most of the people I meet online never become Orthodox–but some do. Among those who have is Macrina Walker who, until very recently, was a cloistered Catholic Cistercian nun in the Netherlands. Without going into the particulars, I have corresponded with Sr Macrina for a while now and I can tell you she has not undertaken lightly the decision to leave her monastery and prepare for admission to the Orthodox Church.

Because she has left her monastery, however, “life is still betwixt and between” and while “things are coming together in quite an exciting way” for her, many “things are still unclear and it will take awhile to jump through some legal hoops.” So for the time being, Macrina hopes to support herself by making and selling prayer ropes. Anyone familiar with the lives of the desert fathers can tell you, Macrina is doing what monastics have always done, she is supporting herself by manual labor.

A prayer rope is something like a Catholic rosary. Where the rosary is used to say the Hail Mary and to mediate on the life of the Theotokos, the prayer rope is used to in conjunction with sating the Jesus Prayer (“Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner.”) You can learn more about the prayer rope here and can find out a bit about the Jesus Prayer here.

The prices for the prayer ropes are reasonable.

These prayer ropes are made from pure black wool and natural, light wooden beads. There are three main varieties:

100 knot, with cross and tassle

50 knot, with cross and tassle

33 knot, with small cross
The 33 knot rope is available in a slightly looser and slightly tighter version, depending on the thickness of one’s wrists!

All the ropes will still stretch somewhat.

Prices are as follows:
33 knot: euro 7
50 knot: euro 11
100 knot: euro 18

Postage & packaging:
Within Europe: euro 1.30
Outside Europe: euro 1.50

For orders of more than one prayer rope, Macrina will look at postage costs and get back to you.

So would you please consider ordering a prayer rope from Sr Macrina? Or maybe ordering several for your parish bookstore? You can find out how to place an order by going to Macrina’s blog, “A Vow of Conversation.”

In Christ,

+Fr Gregory


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