Has anyone here figured out how to manage their email?

I get swamped by my email. I used the GTD system (projects/tasks etc.) and manage to keep things organized for the most part, but the sheer volume of email makes it hard to keep up. Anyone have the same problem? Do you have a system that lets you keep on top of it?


  1. Fr. John A. Peck :

    Throw out everything you don’t need a paper trail for.

  2. I use gmail and have set up filters that dump emails into specific folders according to people. So I have one filter/folder/label for each discussion forum I am on, one for family, one for work, etc. It helps keep things organized according to category. What I don’t like is when viewing on my Droid, I cannot see what is in the folders/labels because it is set up to skip the inbox.

  3. I manage my email by first deleting any email from any individual or organization that I do not know. (I’ve learned from past experiences that these are just advertisements or from people wanting money.) Then I go back and read the emails from persons or organizations that I know. Call this “screening,” if you will.

    As for the trash sections of my email, I always trash them without ever even looking at them.

  4. Anyone who tells you that they’ve figured this out is, to put it politely, fibbing. It’s either that, or they’re not very busy people!

  5. One fellow I know uses a service that requires any new sender of email, one time only, to ‘click here’, read one of those funny groups of slanted letters (known as captchas), and then their mail goes through.

    Any not willing to do that get their mail grouped in the ‘dubious’ bin that automatically gets deleted after 90 days.

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