Greek lobby gives Obama a C-/D+

Hellenic News of America

Summary: So ends the first year of Obama’s historical presidency, average, uneventful and full of broken promises. What the next three years will have in store no one truly knows, maybe change can still come to America. Just maybe. . . .

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  1. cynthia curran :

    Well, anyone of them could of told them that Obama takes the side of Moslems over christians since Moslems are a minority group unless the Moslems are very hostile to the United States and the Turks are not. Never understood the conflict between Macedonia and Greece, since I’m not a Greek. And also remember that the Dems supported US involvement in Kosovo during the 1990’s more than some of the Republicans. As for the genocide, when Obama was in Turkey, I believe he didn’t bring it up instead he told the Turks about how we treated American indians.

  2. cynthia curran :

    Also, I just thought that the Greek Orthodox voted heavily for the Dems because they were more liberal politcally, I didn’t think that what this article brought up that Bush supported Macedonia’s interest more than Obama or Kerry or Gore.

  3. So how’s that “hope and change” working out?

    Best Regards,

  4. I would like to thank the Greek Lobby and those masters of universe at 79th Street for supporting a culture of unequal human rights, high unemployment, job killing taxes, the destruction of the best health care system known to man, the appeasement of tyranny, and the relegation of the poor to permament poverty.

    Put in this way, every normal Greek-American and Greek American Family who has to work for a living is going to suffer more because of your advocacy of issues that punish common sense.

  5. Geo Michalopulos :

    Andrew, I wonder if Bishop Savvas of Troy is willing to revise and extend his remarks. As Ben Franklin said: “Experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn in no other.”

    p.s. does anybody know how many churches there are in Troy?

    • Dean Calvert :

      p.s. does anybody know how many churches there are in Troy?

      …or when the last liturgy was held there? I’m guessing about 600 years..give or take a couple of decades…

      But we need a bishop from there…because if we called him the “bishop of Mars” it might look ridiculous.

      Go figure.


      • Geo Michalopulos :

        Dean, we could have fun with this: “Bishop of the Outer Rings of Saturn,” “Bishop of the Pleiades,” “Bishop of the Klingon Homeworld,” etc. (or would it be “Bishop of All the Klingon Empire”?)

        • Dean Calvert :

          C’mon George…now THAT is ridiculous!!!

          but bishops of Troy, Philadelphia (Asia Minor, not PA), Iconium, Myra, Lampsakos, Adrianople, Claudiopolis…all EP sees.

          wait…maybe yours were not so ridiculous.

          best regards,

      • Mars is about 25 miles north of Pittsburgh . . . and we already have three or four Bishops. (And some cities don’t even have one. So much for one city, one bishop.) Yet another reason why Pittsburgh is called the City of Champions. (“I’ll see your measly one bishop and raise you three.”)

        Having a Bishop of Troy (if we are indeed talking about the ancient Ilium) would explain the Greek affinity for Democratic politics. It’s sort of the ecclesiastic equivalent of Chicago politics where the dead retain their voting franchise long after they are gone. Now I understand that “God is the God of the living,” but I thought that those who became members of the Church Triumphant didn’t require a great deal of pastoral care. Apparently I was wrong. Who knew?

        • Dean Calvert :


          So this means that there is no difference between Martians and Steeler fans?


          Best Regards,

          PS a long time, Terrible towler exiled to Detroit

        • George Michalopulos :

          I believe it was Chesterton who said something to the effect that “Tradition is allowing your ancestors a chance to vote.” I guess this means that the Daley machine was very “traditional.”

  6. Of course, it all makes sense. Greece is the voice of justice in Turkey, while she stomps on minority rights in her own nation and holds the European Continent captive regarding the self-determination of her northern neighbor’s entrance into both the EU and NATO. Not to mention that Greece has put the EU on the brink of economic collapse due to years upon years of economic fabrication and corruption.

    Thus, it also makes sense that Greeks would support “politicians” like Alexi Giannoulias and his many economic “attributes.” But as long as he overturns American recognition of those dreaded “Skopjeans” when/if he gets in to office, his character really doesn’t matter ….

    She has gotten a free ride by our Orthodox brethen up until now, because hey, Greece = Orthodoxy. That’s a fact! But how should we grade Greece now?

  7. cynthia curran :

    Well, how do they rank Ronald Reagan that helped to bring the communists down.

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