From the OCA Strategic Planning Committee:

Dear Fr. Johannes,

On behalf of the OCA Strategic Planning Committee, thank you for posting our Draft Plan, and thanks also to those of your readers who have posted their thoughtful comments. When the Special Investigating Committee recommended that the OCA engage in this process, this is exactly the kind of openness and dialogue for which we prayed.

The Strategic Planning Committee is now at the stage of seeking the broadest possible input on our work. We will make presentations at Diocesan Assemblies, seminaries, monasteries, parishes and anywhere else we can for this purpose. While our ideas may have some merit, it is the Church which must shape its future, for which the Plan is but one tool. Everyone’s engagement is critical. I will personally convey comments on your blog to the Committee, and each will be seriously discussed. We can also be contacted directly at

Again, our thanks to you and to your dedicated readers.

In Christ,

Dr. Dmitri Solodow

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