EP: We haven’t omitted Polish hierarchs on purpose

H/T: Orthodox Beacon

In a response to the information about the omission of the hierarchy of the Brazilian diocese of the Polish Autocephalous Orthodox Church to the Episcopal Assembly of the Orthodox Bishops of South America, chancery of metropolitan Athenagoras of Mexico stated that it was not intentional. Father Peter DiLeo-Vulic explained that this was caused by a lack of accurate information about the Polish Orthodox diocese in Brazil.

Father DiLeo-Vulic stressed that metropolitan Athenagoras, who was responsible for organizing the meeting, made every effort to ensure that all the bishops from South America learned about the meeting. He added that this situation highlights the need for these meetings, because the coexistence in the same territory of a dozen noncanonical and canonical Orthodox jurisdiction causes such a confusion.

Source: cerkiew.pl


  1. I would like to point out that if a few “Omogenia” Bishops have been left out somewhere, there would be a riot from the Phanar to 79th Street. Every overpaid staffer with a “high profile” office would be writing letters and crying crocodile tears to the press. You would have grandstanding bishops pushing each other out of the way crying out for blood. But when the omogenia forgets the Polish Hierarchy its a simple oversight. Move along… nothing to see here.

    We live in the 21st Century. Technology has made research and communication easy. No excuse not to know.

    Will the Phanar actually apologize? No they won’t and they never do. They just will look for a excuse again and again.

  2. Geo Michalopulos :

    Andrew, I know where you’re coming from, but looking at this from a political angle, one can see that the Phanar blew this one big time and they got caught. Overall, this bodes well because it puts them on notice that the there’s a new day dawning, and it isn’t one of Phanariote triumphalism.

  3. Christ is risen!

    Maybe the Phanar will get the message that the EA, once assembled, aren’t going to stay on the Phanar’s message.

  4. Metropolitan Tarasios of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Buenos Aires and South America is the one who is organizing the Episcopal Council meetings for South America.
    I don’t think Fr. Peter DiLeo is a spokesman for Metropolitan Tarasios.

  5. Geo Michalopulos :

    Do we have the story straight or are we back to the old Keystone Kops routine? I thought that Athenagoras was in Central America (which is part of North America), therefore he wouldn’t be a part of the South American scene.

    • Christ is risen!

      Athenogoras has jursidiction in Venezuela and Columbia for the Greeks, hence how he ended up in South America as senior hierarch.

  6. Geo Michalopulos :

    Isa, that just goes to show how bass-ackward the Phanar does things. Clearly Venezuela and Panama should be distinct. Then again, there’s a silver lining in that it would be good if Athenagoras had nothing to do with North America. (Pity Tarasios and the other South Americans in that case.)

  7. Not only are they “Polish,” but self-converted Brazilians, formerly with the Milan Synod years ago, though much reduced in recent years due to some conflict within their clergy, some of whom joined the Serbs, and some the Romanians IIRC, both with their parishes.

    More importantly, did they make it to the EA in their own backyard? And, God grant Many Years to the Episcopal Assembly of South America and its successors!

    Cristo ressuscitou! Em verdade ressuscitou!

    • Unfortunately, no they didn’t.

      Even after the news were spread in the internet, that apology is so far the only reaction to the case.

      The apology happened more or less at the middle of the week of the Assembly and thus it would be possiblefor Don Chrisóstomo to go since the distance between São Paulo and Rio is just 45min by plane and no more than 5 hours by bus if that were the case.

      So, *even* being perfectly feasible their going in the middle of the week, the invitation did not come.

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