Editorial: Turkey’s ‘Mildly’ Islamist Government

From today’s Washington Post.

Turkish journalists say that a pall of fear has fallen across their business. Editors practice self-censorship. Many journalists are believed to be among the more than 100,000 people whose phones have been tapped by the government in recent years. Some, including the chief executive of Dogan Yayin, have been swept up in a murky investigation of alleged coup plotting.

Mr. Erdogan and his party were once seen by many in Washington as a model for how pious Muslims could practice democratic politics. That image is rapidly darkening. If it is not to be extinguished, Mr. Erdogan must stop coddling Muslim dictators — and stop following their practice of silencing domestic opposition.

Here’s an idea: Why not have Greek Orthodox bishops in the United States become Turkish citizens?

Read Slipping in Turkey on the Web site of the Washington Post.

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