Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew on 60 Minutes

His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew

His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew

The Order of St. Andrew the Apostle announced today that Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew “will be featured on the CBS News program 60 Minutes reported by Bob Simon, scheduled to air on Sunday, December 20, 2009 at 7 p.m. EST. The segment will focus on the Orthodox Church, the most ancient Christian church, and its development from its earliest years to modern times in what is now the Republic of Turkey.”

Commenting on the upcoming broadcast, Archbishop Demetrios of America said: “The appearance of the Ecumenical Patriarch on a program such as 60 Minutes is an extraordinary opportunity for the American public to become aware of our Orthodox Christian Faith. Millions of people who would otherwise have limited knowledge of the Orthodox Church will have the chance to see and hear the highest ecclesiastical personage of our Church in their living rooms. It is also a tremendous opportunity for our own Orthodox Faithful in the United States to see His All Holiness in a way that will surely touch their hearts and minds with love and deep respect.”


  1. Let’s hope he actually talks about the Christian faith/Gospel, and NOT climate change or draconian socialistic measures to enslave free peoples and save the shrimp.

  2. George Michalopulos :

    we oughtta start a pool: how many times he says the words “Jesus Christ,” “Holy Trinity” (or “Triune God”), “Gospel,” or “salvation.” Or how long into the interview before he mentions any of the above.

    Also, let’s see if he mentions Orthodoxy in America and any mention of its history that doesn’t include the GOA.

    Oh, let’s go whole-hog: how many times he mentions “canon 28” and says the words “First Throne of Orthodoxy,” and “spiritual leader of 300 million Orthodox Christians worldwide.”

  3. I guess he will use this opportunity to spread the climate change gospel. Let’s see if he is going to bring with him the evidence: “pieces of dead coral bleached by hot ocean temperatures; stones uncovered by retreating glaciers; and small, shriveled ears of corn from drought-stricken parts of Africa”.

    He is supposed to talk about the Orthodox Church and “its development from its earliest years to modern times”. I would find appropriate to the topic mentioning the Communist Holocaust. Archbishop Hilarion can brief him on the subject:
    “We should face the historical truth. There is irrefutable evidence that under Stalin there were mass repressions. We may not ever know the exact number of those repressed but it is a matter of millions of those who were executed by shooting, deprived of their property, driven away from their native land.”

    What about a service for the martyrs? He should carry holy relics down the aisle and to the altar not dead corals. I am afraid this is nothing but a sinister farce meant to distract our attention from the obvious truth: out there are forces (read very determined people) fighting against God!

  4. I can’t see this 60 minutes segment being anything but the usual cotton candy infomercial for the EP. It will be the same questions used on the Charlie Rose interview. There is simply no way that on Turkish soil the EP will be asked any tough questions or raise any tough issues.

    Btw, did TIME magazine really number/rank the most influential people or is the EP just the 11th photo in the magazine?? The 11th most influential person in the world claim deserves a second look.

  5. I looked at the clips on 60 minutes and I have to say they were very good. What I saw does not have the wacko green patriarch stuff. It actually portray the EP as a Christian leader. The images are compelling and the EP actually references Jesus Christ.

    Maybe just maybe someone down at the welfare state that is 79th Street figured out the whole Green Patriarch rebranding was a failure.

  6. George Michalopulos :

    At this point,I’d be ecstatic if he doesn’t read Al Gore’s poetry on the air.

  7. Wow. The cynicism is rampant here. Lord, have mercy!

  8. George Michalopulos :

    Indeed, Lord have mercy. The cynicism however is well-earned.

  9. I quote from memory a contemporary elder: “If you are awake you have nothing left to do but cry. Do not cry for the suffering that is going to be here on earth, this will pass. Cry for those who will be punished for all eternity.” Lord teach me to do Thy will!

  10. George Michalopulos :

    Eliot, well put. We all need to repent, me especially.

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