Dr. Clark Carlton: Understanding the Modern and Post-Modern Mind [AUDIO]

faith-and=philosophy-logo-150x150The ideas that shape Fr. Robert Arida’s argument that the Orthodox Church should offer moral parity to homosexual pairings did not arise with him.

He draws from a well that has been dug by others even though he does not acknowledge (or might not be aware) of it.

To understand more fully why Fr. Arida and his supporters think the way they do, and why their ideas sound so reasonable and even compelling to modern ears, listen to Dr. Clark Carlton’s three lectures below. Dr. Carlton explains the philosophical origins of why we moderns see the world in the way that we do.

Understanding the Modern and Post Modern Mind, Part I

Clark provides a brief overview of modern philosophy and identifies what he considers to be the fundamental philosophical error of modernity.

Understanding the Modern and Post-Modern Mind, Part II

Clark further contrasts the modern and premodern ways of thinking about the world and our place within it.

Understanding the Modern and Post Modern Mind, Part III

Clark reflects on scientific rationalism.

Dr. Clark Carlton is assistant professor of philosophy at Tennessee Tech University, where he teaches the history of philosophy as well as philosophy of religion and logic. He writes on a number of subjects and has had articles published in the Journal of Christian Bioethics, St Vladimir’s Theological Quarterly, and the Journal of Early Christian Studies.

Podcasts courtesy of Ancient Faith Radio.

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