Don’t Mess with a Texan

If you insult a Texan, especially in front of his friends, he is bound to remember it.


  1. Geo Michalopulos :

    Notice the presumption on behalf ot he Mosque owners. First, they knew that the land they were buying was adjacent to a pig farm. Second, the go ahead and purchase it anyway then as the farmer to “relocate.” The third step would be for the farmer to up and relocate (or perhaps convert, sell the swine, etc0. This is how sharia works in general. The difference here is that step #3 didn’t happen according to plan.

  2. This is just one example of a concerted effort on the part of Muslims to strategically place mosques/”Islamic cultural centers” into everyday Americanna subdivisions and neighborhoods. Muslims demand complete sensitivity from us in the West, while providing none in most of the Muslim majority nations. An orthodox church in Egypt was recently burnt to the ground and Muslims in that community placed a banner, which said the assigned name of the mosque that will be built there….the local government does nothing! I am so pleased to see the Peter King hearings begin on the “homegrown” Islamist terror threats. I just read that Sarkozy and the French government will begin similar hearings in April!

  3. The Muslims, who bought land in Texas next to a pig farm, knew that the pig farm was there before they bought the land; therefore, they now have no right, whatsoever, in expecting the pigs to be removed by putting up a stink!

  4. Thanks for the report Father.

    FYI, a similar thing happened with the monastery in Dunlap, CA. A Muslim group started meeting in the next valley over from the monastery. Shortly after they did, they began to complain that monastery was harassing them. How you ask? By ringing the monastery bells.

    Much like with the fellow in Texas, the monastery was there first–the Muslims moved in and once they were in complained they were being discriminated against. last I heard the monastery bells still ring. 🙂

  5. Michael Bauman :

    Christian existence ‘harrasses’ some Muslims. And one can never tell for sure. Years ago my family lived next door to a couple of, apparently, secularized Muslim brothers. We we friendly neighbors, even sharing meals in each other’s homes. They saw our icons, but nothing was an issue until by brother, an Orthodox priest, came to visit. My brother in his cassock and hat and I were outside talking. We both felt something behind us. We turned around and one of the brothers was standing in his back yard his mouth agape. They never talked to us again.

    Never think that the site of a priest wearing his cassock and cross is not a powerful witness.

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