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Frontpage Magazine has an off the record recording of Imam Feisal Abdel Rauf Cordoba Mosque Imam and ostensible “bridge-builder” between Christian and Muslim cultures (the bridge he wants to build is one that reaches back to the VIII Century) that reveals that Rauf is using the 9/11 catastrophe exactly in terms his critics charged: as victory for Islam.

Video below with some text. Read the entire article on the Frontpage Magazine website.

“Bridge builder” Imam Feisal Abdel Rauf, the Muslim cleric behind plans for the Ground Zero mosque, has now been exposed as a man of shrewd cunning and as a calculating stealth jihadist who supports the creation of an Islamic State, “The Ummah,” right here in America.

Thanks to Pamela Geller, an interview has how surfaced in which, after being assured that it has ended, Imam Rauf speaks “off-the-record” and reveals some intriguing plans and views that he has regarding America and the world. Geller got the tapes of the interview from the UK and transcribed the whole thing from start to finish.

The interview, given on June 20th, 2006, sees Rauf speaking about his “game plan” for achieving an Islamic State without borders, which — in his mind — has previously existed and should have continued to exist, if not for Western interference in the last century. The Ground Zero mosque imam also discusses some of his other objectives which include: (1) manipulating U.S. foreign policy, (2) advocating for Hamas and (3) getting “power” on his side to push back the opposing “interests.” In one part of the “post-interview,” he also boasts that he advised and influenced former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and that he has a blurb on the back of one of her books.

One can’t help from wondering: why is a “Sufi” cleric involved in such things?


  1. George Michalopulos :

    Overall, he presents a very idealistic version of Islam. Listen especially at 12:20 when he talks about the heterogeneity of Islamic cultures before their adoption of the concept of the nation-state. He doesn’t sound triumphalist in any sense but he is presenting a peacable picture of the future that isn’t going to happen.

  2. Is it not true that according to the islamic faith, muslims are allowed to lie to the infidel(nonmuslims)? I am then not surprised that any muslim, caliph, or imam will exhaust all means possible to subvert and undermine any civilization and its culture for the sake of mohammedan domination – to make the world subservient to sharia law. Rauf and those of his ilk are “wolves in sheep’s clothing.” I would encourage the good people of this website to read or watch author, Robert Spencer. He presents very cogent, logical, and objective facts about islam in relation to the context of world history since its inception in the seventh century A.D.

  3. George Michalopulos :

    Alexis, I too am a devotee of Robert Spencer’s writings. In listening again to Imam Rauf, I can’t help but be struck by the reasonable and sober tone that he evinces in this interview. I don’t view him as the enemy nor am I filled with hate towards Islam in general. One gets the decided impression that he is indeed a moderate. I fervently believe this. However, that’s the problem, even his vision of a moderate Islam transcending international borders and having vast Christian (Alexandria) and Jewish (Damascus was 40% Jewish before the 1930s) regions within them is one that is unworkable.

    Even if we accept the best-case scenario, of large, tolerated Christian and Jewish cities living peacably within the larger Ummah, the fact remains that unless Islamic civilization can reverse its aversion to free inquiry, it will continue to grow and survive only by devouring its native, non-Islamic components.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that Islam is Islam, and Christendom is Christendom. We can live peacably provided we don’t intrude on each others’ turf. It would be wrong therefore to import the pathologies (cousin-marriage, polygamy, female genital mutilation, honor-killings, etc.) of these societies into the West. Just as Imam Rauf is an apologist for Islam, I guess you could call me an apologist for the West.

  4. Hello George. This moderate, Rauf, and others like him remind me of the frog-in-boiling water analogy. Western civilization is the frog placed in the lukewarm water, and the Rauf camp symbolizes the one increasing the heat ever so slightly over a long period of time to the point that the frog is unaware and eventually succumbs to the boiling water. The whole key being of course gradual seduction to the realms of comfort and sloth. In fact, this analogy can be applied to anything detrimental(i.e. pornography, gluttony, materialism, narcissism, the “televangelism yahoo circus,” etc.) to Western Civilization as seen through the holy sobering eyes of the Holy Orthodox Faith.

    • George Michalopulos :

      absolutely right, Alexis. My ultimate concern with Rauf’s multicultural ethos is that yes, Orthodoxy, heterodox Christian confessions, and even Judaism can coexist peacefully within the Ummah for centuries even, but leaving aside the cultural decrepitude that invariably sets it, I fear more for the damage done to the Church’s mission. Let’s be honest, the dhimmi churches of Istanbul, Damascus, Jerusalem, Alexandrian, etc. have lost their evangelical fervor.

      that’s bad enough as far as they’re concerned but look at how they’ve transferred their dysfunction over here to us. And I’m not talking only about the loss of evangelistic zeal, but our disunity, turf battles, widely varying orthopraxy, deviant ecclesiologies (who’s higher, a metropolitan or an archbishop?), etc.

  5. Muslims are expanding their economic-religio-political agenda “Back to Islam” through media programs. Imams appeal to radio listeners by citing “prophet Jesus, son of Mary” as venerable as prophet Mohammed.

    And, they are winning favorable sentiments from many filipinos who grew up from RC background. Perhaps, the EP can be a mediator for balancing the 2 sides of monarchial institutions- Vatican & Shariah law.

    I’m maintaining a regular radio broadcast “Voice of Orthodoxy” on a local AM station in metro Manila. But my little freaky voice seems unnoticed even from those expats who claim to be cradle Orthodox! Perhaps, I might change the format by simply disseminating on air the EP messages as “Green Patriarch” or introducing Hellenism into Filipino culture!

    But, I believe I must preach the Truth of Orthodoxy as a native Orthodox priest even without bordering on nationalism and cultural issues!

    Anyone who like to share one’s concerns is most appreciated.

    • Lately Satan presents himself as a ‘loving’ and understanding towards sinners, a peacemaker and a stylish blasphemer. He leads people to deeply believe in their self-righteousness. Often, those who claim to be cradle Orthodox are no less confused. The story below is proof. There is a “tradition” that during the night preceding the feast of All Saints the dark spirits celebrate their own feast:

      In America this “celebration” called Halloween has become an occasion on which children make mischief dressed in costumes of witches, devils, ghosts, as if calling on the dark powers — a diabolic mockery of Christianity. A group of Russians organized on this night a Halloween Ball. In the San Francisco Cathedral at this time was the All-night Vigil celebrated, and a number of people were absent, to the great sorrow of Vladika. After the service Vladika went to the place where the ball was still in progress. He climbed the steps and entered the hall, to the absolute astonishment of the participants. The music stopped and Vladika, in complete silence, glared at the dumbfounded people, slowly and deliberately making the round of the entire hall, staff in hand. He spoke not a word, and none was necessary; the mere sight of Vladika stung the conscience of all, as was evident from the general consternation. Vladika left in silence; and the next day in church he thundered his holy indignation and his flaming zeal calling all to the devout Christian life. Yet Vladika is not best remembered by his flock for his sternness, but rather for his gentleness, his joyfulness, even for what is known as “foolishness for Christ’s sake.”

      The Orthodox world did not perish when it was outnumbered ten to one against the Ottomans. It is not going to perish now. If God wants He can raise men that would turn all people to Him. God can turn all of us to Him in one day, but He respects our free will. The devil is no match at all for the forces of heaven. Mortal people with a cross can drive him back. Almost always the Saints are depicted in icons holding a cross.

  6. George Michalopulos :

    Regarding Imam Rauf’s Happy Talk about Islam and the Kum-ba-ya attitudes that it encouraged, I’d like to quote Fr Panagiotis Phiambolis, an early Greek priest in Chicago, who attended the World’s Fair of Religions over a hundred years ago:

    [The Great Schism] resulted in the prevention of Christianism and the progress of Mohammedanims, whose motto is, “Kill the Infidels,” because every one who is not a Mohammedan, according to the Koran of the prophet, is an infidel, a dog. […] The people of the orient suffered, and still suffer; the Christian virgins are dishonored by the followers of the moral prophet, and the life of a Christian is not considered as precious as that of a dog.

    I got this off of Matthew Namee’s website (which is quite good btw). I don’t mean to post this to impugn Imam Rauf, after all, Metropolitan +Philip and Rauf are of one mind on promoting the politically correct view of Islamist civilization, but to stress again the necessity for having a clear idea of history. Narrative matters and the one that should be adhered to at all times is that narrative which is more objectively true.

    Our leaders in Istanbul, Alexandria, and Antioch (as do many reactionary ideologues) may tell us that we have nothing to fear from Islam, but our immigrant forebears told us something else. “Who are you gonna believe, me or your own eyes?”

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