Current statistics on abortion


  1. cynthia curran

    Well, I think that father Jacobse is correct, a lot of people that are tired of the Roman Catholic agrument or the Evangelical agrument against abortion or other moral issues such as taking drugs might benefit from orthodox presenting their views to the general public. I really feel that as much as before mainly having Roman Catholic out there from the brians department and evangelicals from the rank and file limits what can be done on the issue. I remember a person converted to Orthodoxy from non-belief now this person could not be reach to a belief in God or basic christian morals by either Roman Catholics or Protestants as many people state Orthodox should aim beyond the cradle and converts from Roman Catholicism or Evangelical Protestantism.

  2. I find it interesting that Friday was chosen as the day for visible action given the Church’s emphasis on the Cross and fasting on this day throughout the year.

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