Culture Wars: Fr. Jacobse on Ancient Faith Radio

Kevin Allen, host of Ancient Faith Radio’s Illumined Heart program, interviews AOI President Fr. Hans Jacobse for a fascinating discussion on “The Culture War and Orthodox Christianity.”

Fr. Hans talks about the need for Eastern Orthodox Christians to engage in the moral and social debates — call them Culture Wars if you will — that are being waged in American society today. In this 35 minute program, Allen also asks Fr. Hans about the recent discussion on this blog about whether “Religious Right” leaning ex-Evangelical converts are taking over the Orthodox churches in America.

Allen asked Fr. Hans if he thought the Culture Wars might be a lost cause, given what we see in society today. Fr. Hans said the battles over moral issues will be difficult, with uncertain outcomes. But he reminded Allen that our faithfulness will determine the shape of tomorrow.

“If it be God’s will that the world be saved — and it is — I think there’s a chance we can turn this around,” Fr. Hans said. “But even if there isn’t, we still have to be faithful.”

As Allen advises his listeners: Buckle your seat belts!

Listen now: widget here


  1. Daniel Crandall :

    This is a great interview. I am so glad to hear Fr. Johannes’ voice, after reading him for so long. I look forward more.

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