Church of Greece Seeks State Help for Charitable Work

From Kathimerini:

The Church of Greece is hoping that the government will take seriously the request it made this week for help in making best use of some of the thousands of properties it owns so it can fund a number of charity projects.

Sources told Kathimerini yesterday that the Church is hopeful that Public Works Minister Giorgos Souflias, who met with Archbishop Ieronymos on Wednesday, will respond favorably to the request. The Church wants the government to help it develop some of the properties in Athens, including one in the upmarket neighborhood of Kolonaki, as part of a plan to build rehabilitation centers for drug addicts, old people’s homes and care centers for cancer sufferers and autistic children.

After Wednesday’s meeting, Souflias acknowledged the archbishop’s “burning desire to make a contribution to society but which requires work and funds for which he has requested our support.”


  1. George Patsourakos :

    The government of Greece should do all it can in helping to fund several charity projects sought by the Church of Greece. This is a truly Christian action that the Greek government should take.

    Significant financial assistance by the Greek government in this philanthropic effort will help to provide a better life for thousands of Greeks.

  2. Amen to that, George.

    I’ll be praying that they do precisely that.

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