Church collection box full to the brim

From Kathimerini:

The Church of Greece’s finances are in rude health, according to a report handed to Archbishop Ieronymos this week, which indicated that the church made more than 7 million euros profit in 2008.

According to the internal report, which was seen by Kathimerini, almost 20 million euros of revenue flowed into the church’s coffers last year, mostly from the renting out of church property. It also earned some 4.5 million euros from investments.

During 2008, the church spent almost 12.5 million euros. The biggest outlay, just over 4 million euros, was for sponsoring events. Almost 4 million was spent on salaries.

Last year, the robust state of the church’s finances also allowed it to buy 1.6 million shares in the National Bank, taking its stake in the lender up to 7.7 million shares.


  1. Wow, this is great.

    Finally, the Greek church (in Greece) will begin pouring millions of dollars into missionary work in America – the diaspora!

    Yawn. Sorry, I was dreaming.

  2. Not that I am one to shy away from criticism, but the Church of Greece does provide a LOT to the Patriarchate of Alexandria for missions and upkeep (Greek control of the see is somewhere involved here) and throughout Africa, the Albanian Church (which is NOT predicated on Greek control), and much of Eastern Europe. In addition to proping up the EP.

    We can afford to take care of our missions here ourselves. Of course, that also indicates that we can manage our affairs ourself too.

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