Chuck Colson on the Manhattan Declaration: Where do we go from here?

Peter and Helen Evans

Peter and Helen Evans

Peter and Helen Evans interview Chuck Colson, a drafter of the Manhattan Declaration, about what the Declaration means for the larger culture. Colson discusses the necessity of protecting the dignity of life at every stage of life, traditional marriage for the stability of society, and religious liberty which protects freedom of conscience. The purpose of the Declaration is to build a movement, Colson says, that crosses confessional divides. Western culture is in “serious straights.” “Every serious Christian should sign this and promote it in their community.”

Peter and Helen Evans blog at and are the authors of Get Serious: The Church’s Stand on Contemporary Culture. Check out their series: Why I Signed the Manhattan Declaration.


  1. alexis banias :

    There shouldn’t even be a Manhattan Declaration because any Christian worth his or her salt should believe its three tenets as a given. It is really sad that our society has become so debased that we have to resort to such a manifesto, really. And to you so-called “Christians” in American Christian Denominationalism, “the” American religion, I say “Wake up and stop playing games!” Take a stand, take off your skirt, and follow steadfastly in the footsteps of the One Orthodox, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

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