Christophobia in the Muslim World


Last weekend’s scenes of anti-Christian mob violence in Cairo, against a background of churches in flames, is a powerful reminder of a grim reality: Non-Muslim communities have become endangered species throughout much of the Islamic world.

Some statesmen have begun to acknowledge the existential crisis facing non-Muslims. Former Lebanese Prime Minister Amine Gemayel warned earlier this year that Islamic extremists are waging a war of “genocide,’’ while French President Nicolas Sarkozy now refers to the region’s Christians as the victims of “a perverse program of . . . religious cleansing.’’

The most sensational acts of anti-Christian terror command headlines — for a moment. Such was the case when 41 worshippers at Baghdad’s Our Lady of Salvation Catholic Church were held hostage and then massacred by Islamic extremists last October, and 23 Egyptian Christians in Alexandria were killed by a bomb blast as they left mass early this year.

Pakistan’s only Christian Cabinet member, Shahbaz Bhatti — the minister for minority affairs — was shot dead in March. He was a critic of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws.


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  1. Christians need to keep in mind that the ultimate goal of Muslim extremists — and there are hundreds of thousands of them — is to destroy Christianity and replace it with Islam.

    Killing Christians for no valid reason and burning churches in predominantly Muslim nations — such as Egypt and Pakistan — are just “the tip of the iceberg” for Muslims who are determined to achieve their goal.

    We can be quite certain that this kind of fanatical Muslim hatred and violence toward Christians — which has prevailed since the beginning of the 21st century — will spread to Europe, North America, and South America in the near future.

  2. Michael Bauman :

    Christophobia in the Muslim world–wow, who would have thought it?

    Islam has been trying to stamp out Christianity since Mohammed consolidated his power centuries ago. It comes and goes in waves, but it never stops.

    The Christian has never been at peace under any Muslim rule, and can never be at peace. Sooner or later, they will attack.

    The parish of which I am a member and the one who received me into the faith are here because the founders were driven from Syria/Lebanon by Muslim violence (often inflicted on them by ‘friends’ they had known for years if not generations).

  3. Lola J. Lee Beno :

    And what can we do about this? Everywhere I read about this, I get a sense of “oh, woe is me! There’s absolutely nothing I can do about this . . . I’m going to just lie down and let them roll over me” attitude. No solid hints as to clear, actionable solution beyond “tsk, tsk, isn’t this a shame . . . I urge you to stop this!” announcements.

  4. Michael Bauman :

    Lola, there is no political or cultural will in the US to do anything and hasn’t been for a long time (not since Jefferson). Peaceful coexistence is not possible as long as there is no will to control the violence in countries ruled by Islam. Even where there is some, it is quite costly to those leaders and their countries. Certainly political and military support of ‘Arab democracy’ momevents will only hasten the conflict.

    Demographically we are pretty much already done for. All Islam has to do is maintain their birth rates and garner a few converts. They will take over by default. Abortion and the human-hating wing of the environmental movement (most of it) has pretty well assured the demise of the west.

    The question is whether the materialistic secularism of the west will corrupt Islam fast enough and deeply enough to prevent an Islamic take-over. Since they are one of the few faiths that actively combat the apostasy of materialism, unlikely. Of course, the Chinese have a say too, but their own abortion policies have weakened them.

    The other hope is that missonary activity in Africa will be enough to prevent Islamic advance there and if it will be sufficient to counter the likely take-over of western Europe. The Pope and the Russian Patriarch are working to try and prevent or hold back the onslaught of both Islam and secularism but they may be too late, especially since Met. Hilarion has identified secularism as the greater enemy. A miracle could occur.

    The next question is whether Christians are better off under Islam or under the rampant apostasy of the west.
    Many in Orthodoxy believe we are better off under Islam. While it is tempting to think of my own comfort and vote for the west, perhaps they are correct. Those Christians who prepare themselves ascetically will have a better chance of survival than those who don’t.
    Nevertheless, God’s will be done, not mine.

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