Chastity, Purity, Integrity: Orthodox Anthropology and Secular Culture in the 21st Century

Holy Trinity Seminary
Jordanville, New York
March 7 – 9, 2019

This three-day conference focuses on the application of Orthodox teachings on anthropology and morality to contemporary challenges posed by secular American culture (even within the Church). It will include both scholarly and pastoral perspectives, with the goal of articulating the application of Orthodox Tradition and apologetics to current needs, in the face of current social trends regarding sex, body, and human nature. It seeks to do so in a prayerful and traditional framework, out of compassion for both struggling Orthodox Christians and families, and those of our neighbors facing spiritual shipwreck in our culture today.

Planning on attending? Please note:

The planning committee encourages attendants, in lieu of a set conference fee, to donate generously to the monastery and seminary, to help offset costs of hosting the conference and to support their blessed work.

On-site accommodations will be of limited availability for a fee, and donations will be needed for noonday meals. Other accommodations are available in neighboring towns such as Herkimer, Richfield Springs, and Cooperstown.

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  1. Well I am making plans to attend. I am particularly interested in what Rod Dreher has to say, since he/his book has more recognition/readership than all the other speakers put together. Even though I anticipated it, I still have been surprised at the extent of mischaracterization the Ben Op has suffered at the hands of otherwise traditional Christians of all stripes including Orthodox. I think Rod is spot on in his thesis that it is the evangelical success of secular anthropology within your average Orthodox parish that leads to all the other “moral” apostasy. Also, I note that women’s ordination is not on the table as an issue, at least explicitly…

  2. Michael Bauman :

    The key to this conference lies in how deep and authentic the discussion of male and female will be. The real male-female anthropology is what is primarily under attack since the 60’s and has repercussions ecclesially, socially and politically. I find it odd that presenters are primarily female. An even number so the male-female balance could be maintained might have been better.

    • Fr. Johannes Jacobse :

      Michael, I count 13 male presenters and 2 female not counting the Roundtable.

      The focus on this conference will be what the moral tradition teaches on Orthodox anthropology. You won’t find the sloppy emotional reasoning you see at The Wheel and in some of the essays published on Public Orthodoxy for example. The Roundtable will be geared more toward the practical problems the cultural shift regarding anthropology has fostered.

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