The Clarion Review and AOI Join Forces

The Clarion Review: A Journal for Life in the Body

The Clarion Review: A Journal for Life in the Body

The Clarion Review, "a journal for life in the body," is a lively review of contemporary cultural issues that features essays, opinion pieces, book reviews, fiction, and poetry. Clarion is an occasional publication of the American Orthodox Institute. Each issue has a theme (e.g., the body, dualism), and a new issue is released when the editors have collected material of a sufficient quality to best address a certain theme.

Editor-in-Chief J. David Price described Clarion this way:

As "a journal for life in the body," we espouse our two basic commitments. First, human life is embodied existence, and always will be. Second, the Christian message of embodiment in the Body of Christ is the fullest form of such existence — call it human flourishing. Our other commitments can be deduced from there.

And here he addresses the partnership with the American Orthodox Institute:

AOI is a think tank that engages the issues of the day from an Orthodox Christian theological perspective. The Clarion Review has, with much deliberation and justified enthusiasm, merged with AOI. While Clarion’s editorial bent is not explicitly Eastern Orthodox, in the confessional sense, there is a consistent phronema, or mindset, in the way the two organizations see the world. Practically speaking, this alliance allows Clarion editors to concentrate on what we do best: putting out a first-rate journal. AOI will manage Clarion’s business side, and work vigorously to help us grow. Offers of financial support for Clarion are always welcome, and they are now tax deductible!

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