Free Download: Atlas of American Orthodox Christian Monasteries

The electronic version of the widely popular Atlas of American Orthodox Christian Monasteries has been released by the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the USA and made available FREE OF CHARGE to everyone. The PDF file with the Atlas can be downloaded by following this link. The hard copy of the Atlas can be purchased directly from Amazon. Drawing on extensive research, as well as … [Read more...]

The Amsterdam Symposium: An Abuse of Authority?

By Fr. Johannes L. Jacobse The recent meeting in Amsterdam by various academics, one bishop, seminary faculty, priests and others (names listed below) to "to reflect on a wide range of matters concerning human sexuality" was ostensibly "not monolithic" in opinions about sexuality according to one participant. No doubt that is true given the range of participants but it is far from informative. … [Read more...]

A Letter From Russia on an Article Defending Same-Sex Marriage and Defaming Fr. Pavel Florensky

Editor’s Note: This letter is a response to the essay by Peter J. (Giacomo) Sanfilippo published on Public Orthodoxy, May 2, 2017 where the teachings of Fr. Pavel Florensky are misrepresented and his character defamed. It caused consternation in Russia where the teachings and life of Fr. Florensky are well known. The author of this letter is a leading authority on contemporary Russian … [Read more...]

One Word of Truth Outweighs the Whole World

Editor's note: I wrote this 8 years ago and while some ideas I hold today are more developed, I don't think I'd change today what I wrote then. By Fr. Johannes L. Jacobse This essay is drawn from a talk given to the leadership of Orthodox Christian Laity on March 9, 2009, in Pinellas Park, Fl. When Soviet dissident Alexander Solzhenitsyn gave his Nobel Lecture in 1970, he quoted this … [Read more...]

Book Review: “On Human Nature” by Roger Scruton

Source: Acton Institute On Human Nature. Roger Scruton. Princeton University Press. 2017. 151 pages. By Rev. Ben Johnson On Earth Day, April 22, tens of thousands of activists held the first “March for Science” in cities around the world. “Science brings out the best in us,” Bill Nye, the star of two eponymous television programs about science, told the … [Read more...]