The Mystery of the Virgin Womb as the Tabernacle of God in the Flesh

By John G. Panagiotou “Therefore the Lord Himself will give you a sign. Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call His name Emmanuel.” (Isaiah 7:14) The great prophet of God Isaiah prophesied this proclamation of the salvation of God’s creation some eight centuries before the birth of Jesus Christ. At first glance, in the realm of the natural order of … [Read more...]

A Public Statement on Orthodox Deaconesses by Concerned Clergy and Laity

If you would like to be included as a signatory please scroll to the bottom of the page. Press Release: Orthodox Clergy and Laity Take Stand against Deaconesses January 15, 2018 WASHINGTON — Fifty-seven Orthodox Christian clergymen and lay leaders, including the heads of two leading Orthodox seminaries in the U.S., have issued a public statement calling on church leaders to defend … [Read more...]

Uncut Mountain Press Book Giveaway — Hurry! Giveaway ends December 4!

Receive a FREE book from Uncut Mountain Press Enter to get your FREE copy! — Three random entrants will be selected to receive a print copy of "The Ecclesiological Renovation of Vatican II" by Protopresbyter Peter Heers — Four random entrants will receive one eBook of their choice from Uncut Mountain Press! Contest runs until Monday, December 4th, 2017. … [Read more...]

Talk to Your Father

  Editor's Note: There is much wise advice in the essay below by Anthony Esolen. The only misgiving I have is that many young boys don’t have a father to approach, or if they do the father may not understand what to do or say. This is a statement about our culture, not the value of the essay but it points out that many young boys who are lost are not able to find the direction and counsel … [Read more...]

The Role of the Bishop of Rome in the Communion of the Churches in the First Millenium

Source: Orthodox Ethos By Protopresbyter Anastasios Gotsopoulos The 14th Meeting of the Joint International Committee for the Orthodox-Roman Catholic Theological Dialogue in Chieti, Italy (15-22.9.2016). Were the Western Orthodox Fathers ignored in the committee's search for a common understanding of the role of the Pope in the First Millenium? FROM THE CAREFUL STUDY OF THE ACTS AND … [Read more...]