August 20, 2014

Dangerous Flirting: Russia Wonders Why West Is Enamoured With Socialism


Highlights: Alexey Komov - Russia's representative to the World Congress of Families The traditional nuclear family is a particular enemy of socialism...because it is the basic institution that preserves values and passes them on to the next generation. "The state, if it wants to dominate life and the individual from birth to death, needs to destroy the family, because the family is independent of the state," he argues. "As Marx and Engels said, the family is a repressive, bourgeois institution that needs to be destroyed; they need to get rid of its patriarchal power and that of Christianity because they are the main obstacles of the social revolution."  Rocco Buttiglione -- Italian politician [The] meaning of tolerance has subtly changed over the years, so subtly, in fact, that it has escaped people' s notice. "'Don't be judgemental,' people say, but you can translate that as 'Don't think' because to think means to pass judgement,"... [To] think means to create … [Read more...]

Pat. Kyrill Endorses Moscow Demographic Summit, June 29-30, 2011


Finally we have a Patriarch addresses the threat of demographic implosion in the West, supports the strengthening of families, and is pro-life. The Catholic Church, to their credit, have been very consistent on these issues for years. We have Orthodox leaders who hold and support these important values, but when an Orthodox Patriarch is a clear at Pat. Kyrill is in his letter below, we can take heart that leadership is increasing. Secondly, it is important that international efforts such as the World Congress of Families takes place to counter the work of the United Nations and other agencies that have unfortunately inculcated a utilitarian ethic towards human life. The UN promotes many good things, but they also promote abortion and other means of "family planning" that run against not only the moral tradition of Western Civilization, but also the local traditions of the countries they ostensibly help. Download the Moscow Demographic Summit brochure. Visit the Moscow … [Read more...]

Russian Orthodox Leader Stands for Principle


Here we see it unfolding. Orthodox Christianity has much to give the world, and it begins with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and a vigorous defense of biblical teaching through the wisdom and experience of our Orthodox tradition. And the teachings must be clear on the foundational issues that determine whether a culture and people lives or dies: the sanctity of life, marriage and family, sexuality, and the moral principles people have held to for centuries. This must be the message of Orthodox leaders. There is no other. Source: American Thinker The "great man" theory of history — that strong, unique, and highly influential individuals shape history (for good or ill) through their commanding personal characteristics that imbue them with power and influence over a specific period of time or during certain circumstances — may not be as widely accepted today among professional historians as in the past, but for many of us there is no denying what our own … [Read more...]