August 20, 2014

Thomas Sowell: Arrogance costly for Iowa judges

Thomas Sowell

The removal of the Iowa judges by Iowa voters for overturning the voters' plebiscite on gay marriage is an important shift in electoral attitudes. Here Thomas Sowell, one of America's clearest social commentators, makes the case. Results of the recent elections showed that growing numbers of Americans are fed up with “public servants” who act as if they are public masters. This went beyond the usual objections to particular policies. It was the fact that policies were crammed down our throats, whether we liked them or not. In fact, laws were passed so fast that nobody had time to read them. Whether these policies were good, bad or indifferent, the way they were imposed represented a more fundamental threat to the very principles of a self-governing people established by the U.S. Constitution. Arrogant politicians who do this are dismantling the Constitution piecemeal — which is to say, they are dismantling America. The voters struck back, as they had to, if we are to … [Read more...]

Thomas Sowell before the election

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