August 21, 2014

On Orthodox Christian Theological Education in America

From St. Vladimir's Seminary: Teaching for the Future: Frs John and Chad reflect on a stormy summer Theological reflection and education is essential for the life and future of the Church. Where there is no vision, the people perish (Proverbs 29:18). The vision of Christ himself, and how we are his body, enables us to pass through the storms of this world and move into the future. Theological education in the US has recently become the subject of controversy, division, and manipulation. However, turbulence can also signify new possibilities and new life. As we learn to discern the times, we must consider: * Diversity in Unity * A Comprehensive Plan * Responsible Stewardship Diversity in Unity One of the glories of Orthodoxy in the western world is the richness of the diversity of its lived expressions. Orthodox Christians live together, work together, and learn to see each other as members of the one Body of Christ in a specific geographical region. … [Read more...]