August 23, 2014

Solzhenitsyn: Men Have Forgotten God

Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Over at Voice Crying in the Wilderness, Chris Banescu reminds us not to forget Alexander Solzhenitsyn's penetrating analysis into the decline of Western Culture. Solzhenitsyn's conscience was forged in the crucible of suffering under the Soviet Communists. It was in the Gulag's where he received the critical insight that the line between good and evil rests in the heart of every man. Sanctification, or holiness to use the translated Greek, begins within. Healing of culture first begins with interior repentance -- the changing of the mind, the clearing of conscience, the putting off of sin -- and from there the healing salve of the love of God begins to enter the darkened world anew. Solzhenitsyn was one of the last century's great moralists, and we need real moralists more today than ever. He showed us that true morality, that locus or touchstone between man and God exacts a cost, just as Christ said it would. His examination of the murderous mechanisms of Communism, particularly … [Read more...]