August 21, 2014

Facebook Group Urging Changes in Orthodox Moral Tradition is Biased


OCA Truth just published a letter from Subdeacon Michael Heningham, a pastoral counselor who deals with the homosexual affliction, that challenges the claim that the Facebook group Listening: Breaking the Silence on Sexuality within the Orthodox Church is unbiased. The title is of the group is a misnomer. There is no "silence" on sexuality in the Orthodox Church and thus nothing to "break." The real problem is hiding in plain sight: the group moderators want to grant moral sanction to homosexual behavior and the Orthodox moral tradition forbids it. The only silence is the lack of approval for the changes that the contributors want to make. That's not a problem. That's called fidelity to the moral tradition. Heningham argues that the moderators of the group drive discussion towards approval of the homosexual lifestyle. When someone writes in support of the moral tradition, the "reactions are often petty, personally insulting, and highly emotional" -- the usual opprobrium … [Read more...]