August 29, 2014

Agreement Reached on Rebuilding St. Nicholas in New York City

St. Nicholas Church

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church that was destroyed in the terrorist attack on 9/11 will be rebuilt. This is good. Archbishop Demetrios said that "when St. Nicholas Church is completed it will be a place of praying, a place of comfort, openness and reconciliation where the relatives of the almost three thousand victims of 9/11 can come and light a candle." This is even better. My hope has always been that the rebuilt St. Nicholas would become the spiritual locus of those remembering the suffering of 9/11 (see Ground Zero is American Holy Ground). Catastrophes of that scale and magnitude need to reference God in some way or another in order to make sense of them and know where to go from here. If the vision is indeed as expansive as Abp. Demetrios indicates it might be, St. Nicholas may become a touchstone for people of all faiths, not just the Orthodox. Hope could be fostered. This would be best of all. NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo Announces the Signing of Final … [Read more...]