August 20, 2014

Patriarch Kirill to U.S. in 2010?


Alex at ROCOR United, citing two sources, says Patriarch Kirill may be paying a visit to the United States: Our sources in Russia have told us that Patriarch Kirill will be coming for an official visit to the USA in early 2010. The same news is also coming from other bloggers including Voices of Russia. In what would be an extremely hectic schedule, the Patriarch would be visiting places such as the Synodal Headquaters in New York City as well as possibly taking in the Joy of All Who Sorrow Cathedral in San Francisco to venerate the relics of St John Maximovitch. It is thought the Patriarch will also visit Jordanville to pay respects to the final resting place of the late Metropolitan Laurus, one of the architects of the blessed reunion of the two parts of the Russian Church in 2007. More here. … [Read more...]

Essays on Canon 28

Met. Philip's recently posted essay on Constantinople's misuse of Canon 28 got me hunting for more analysis. I've posted what I found (including one by St. John Maximovitch written in 1938) on the main site. … [Read more...]

Spiritual counsel from St. John Maximovitch

The Blessed Archbishop John Maximovitch, striving to awaken his flock to a more conscious participation in the Church, published the following appeal in his weekly diocesan bulletin (Shanghai, November 24, 1941, no. 503): Perhaps it will happen that you will die without having once in your life read in full the Psalter of David... You will die, and only then will good people read over your lifeless body this holy Psalter, which you had no time even, to open while you lived on earth! Only then, at your burial, will they sing over you the wondrously instructive, sweetly-wise-but alas, to you completely unknown-words of David: "Blessed are the undefiled in the way, who walk in the law of the Lord... Blessed are they who search His testimonies. who keep His revelations, and seek Him with their whole heart." Do you hear: "Blessed are they who search His testimonies, seek out the revelations of the Lord;" and you had no time even to think of them! What will your poor soul feel then, your … [Read more...]