August 22, 2014

[SCOBA] Message of the Episcopal Assembly Of the Canonical Orthodox Hierarchs of North and Central America May 26-28, 2010


Putting aside all the speculations about where the American Church is headed for the moment, think about the true significance of the meeting. All in all, this is a very constructive event regardless of the divisions that exist. The divisions are real, but clearly the need to transcend those divisions is more pressing and that is a cause for optimism, even hope. We are seeing the self-identity of the Church in America emerge, and a critical step in that growth is that bishops get to know each other, learn how to work together, perhaps discover similar concerns and worries, and maybe, just maybe, discover they are more unified in purpose and intention than they previously knew. How will it end? We don't know, but we do know this: That the Bishops even met can be counted a success, just as Ligonier was a success even though it ostensibly failed. American Orthodoxy can be a dynamic force for bringing Christ to the culture (yes, I really believe this) and once the nascent creativity of … [Read more...]