August 29, 2014

Harry Coin: Wag the Dog


By Harry Coin How much grand significance and control is due the old world churches? Consider these few arial photography offerings by the BCC offering a unique perspective by superimposing the old world places aiming to direct the future of Orthodoxy ...onto .... well ... see for yourself (link opens new tab): Rome's boundaries laid over Duluth, Minnesota: How big really? Rome over Duluth, Minnesota Constantinople's boundaries laid over Bettendorf, Iowa: How big really? Constantinople over Bettendorf, Iowa Alexandria's boundaries laid over Dallas, Texas. Well, if putting one blanket on the beach can be called 'laid over': How big really? Alexandria over Dallas, Texas Seriously people. Foreign controlled churches or 'episcopal assemblies'? Doing that will lead to our growth, why? The mayor of Minneapolis has more people to oversee than the above ever had in a good century-- combined. Wakey Wakey, as they say in England. … [Read more...]