August 29, 2014

Leite: The Revolutionary Mentality is the Confusion of our Time

>Olavo de Carvalho

- By Fabio L. Leite The ideas of the Brazilian philosopher Olavo de Carvalho provide important tools not only to analyze, but to criticize and resist the destructive current cultural currents of our time. Many of these currents spring from the ideologies that oppressed our brothers and sisters in Europe. Olavo de Carvalho currently lives in Virgina. THE THREE INVERSIONS Three "inversions" characterize the revolutionary mentality (Nazism, Communism, feminism, homosexualism writes philosopher Olavo de Carvalho regardless of their putative values or whether they use peaceful or violent means. They are: Inversion of Perception of Time The utopic future is fixed, everything before it is fluid. The past can be reinterpreted as many times as necessary to justify the progress toward that fixed future. The present can be shaped at will to bring that future. Because the past and present are seen as naturally fluid, there is no sense in the concept of reality … [Read more...]