August 28, 2014

Fr. John Whiteford Asks: What is the Mainstream Orthodox View on Homosexuality?


Fr. John Whiteford comments on his blog News, Comments, & Reflections about an assertion made by Rebecca Matovic that professors, hierarchs, priests, and "many, many laypeople" agree with Dunn and his support of homosexual marriage. Matovic couches her views in the usual "I am loving but my opponents are bullies and dangerous" verbiage of the left, but Fr. John takes care of that in short order as well. If Matovic is correct, why are they hiding? Were they born that way? Have a listen: What is the Mainstream Orthodox View on Homosexuality? Source: Fr. John Whiteford's News, Comments, & Reflections | By Fr. John Whiteford In the comments to a post by David J. Dunn on the flak he has been getting about his posts on Gay "Marriage" there was a comment that warrants some consideration: Please hang around with people other than the Jacobse crowd! There are professors at our seminaries and hierarchs who agree with you; there are many, many lay people who are … [Read more...]