August 22, 2014

The Preferential Option for the Poor


Source: First Things Catholic writer R.R. Reno explains why he became a social conservative. Catholic social teaching has always stressed a "preferential option for the poor" which certainly conforms to Orthodox moral teaching particularly in reference to Matthew 25. Where it gets hazy however is when we discuss how policy should be crafted that meets this obligation. Some Catholics, particularly liberals, embrace the Progressive social agenda taking Progressive rhetoric about care for the poor at face value. Orthodox liberals do the same thing. Reno used to be in that camp until he came to see that care for the poor cannot be reduced to money alone, especially in America. The poor in America also suffer from a depletion of social capital particularly the values and habits that make the climb out of material deprivation possible. This view of course is politically incorrect, but then political correctness is nothing more than pressure from those whose ideas can't stand up under … [Read more...]