August 23, 2014

Why Women Were Never Priests


Source: Preachers Institute | Alice C. Linsley From Preachers Institute: A convert to Orthodoxy from the Episcopal Church, Ms. Linsley renounced her priestly office in March 2004. She left the Episcopal ministry on the Sunday that Gene Robinson was consecrated and has not entered an Episcopal church since. After years of studying the question of women priests she is persuaded that this innovation is the root cause of the schism within Anglicanism. She is also the author of the excellent blog: Just Genesis. The Messianic priesthood of Jesus Christ is the true and single Form[1] of the Priesthood. Every priest, either living before Christ or after Christ’s appearing, stands as a sign to this one priesthood. The priesthood is unique (not to be confused with the office of shaman) and it is impossible to change it in any essential way. All attempts to change the priesthood, such as developed out of Protestant theology or the ordination of women, corrupt the sign so … [Read more...]

Orthodox Preachers Attending The Festival Of Young Preachers


Source: Preachers Institute This Theophany, young Orthodox preachers will be participating in the Festival of Young Preachers, an annual festival held by Dwight Moody’s Academy of Preachers. The Academy is a national partner of the Preachers Institute. This is an annual opportunity for young Christian preachers, aged 16-28, to come together, flex their intellects, share and sharpen skills in proclaiming Christ crucified and risen. Last year, which was the first year of the festival, there was one Orthodox participant. The rich tradition of young Orthodox Christian Oratorical Festivals in the Orthodox Christian Church should provide an excellent parallel and opportunity for young Orthodox preachers. Some of the most gifted and intelligent speakers in the Orthodox Church participate in Oratorical festivals all over the the United States. … [Read more...]

Preachers Institute and Academy of Preachers enter National Partnership


Congratulations to Fr. John Peck and the Preachers Institute. Fr. John comments on the AOI blog and is is founder of the Preachers Institute. This partnership testifies to the fine work that Preachers Institute does. The Preachers Institute, the world’s premier Orthodox Christian homiletics resource, has become a national partner with the Academy of Preachers. The Academy of Preachers is an ecumenical initiative launched through a generous grant from the Lilly Endowment and energized by the conviction that Gospel preaching is a vocation of public and social significance, a calling worthy of the very best and brightest young people. "In our mission to promote and advance superior preaching in the Orthodox Church, we are very happy to make this partnership with the Academy. We are very hopeful that this will provide an opportunity for more Orthodox youth and young adults to hone their preaching skills with confidence, and ignite their desire to spread the Gospel," said Fr. … [Read more...]