August 19, 2014

John Anderson on Reaching Millenials


I am publishing this essay even though it is long because it the first serious discussion of the culture of the Millenials (20-30 Somethings) written by an Orthodox that I have come across. I know that author John Anderson hits some important points. I have been talking to Millenials over the last year and how they approach truth and authenticity is far different than what Boomers and even Gen-X'ers think. I also agree with his central thesis that post-modernism provides a doorway to the recovery of sacramentalism. It's worth a read. Hopefully it will spur some beneficial discussion. Source: Orthodox Ruminations | John Anderson Preface: This is just a simple paper assigned after an introductory study of postmodernity and the current cultural shifts and a reading of “The Younger Evangelicals” by Robert Webber. This paper is not designed to be very formal containing a thesis and points. It is merely a personal reflection upon 5 cultural shifts that are opportunities … [Read more...]