August 21, 2014

Dr. Clark Carlton. The Naked Public Square, Part Four: Orthodoxy and Progressive Politics [AUDIO]


Dr. Clark Carlton is smart, opinionated, and right about a lot of things. He's not afraid of the dust his ideas stir up either. Here Dr. Carlton examines Progressive ideology. While Dr. Carlton he does not examine the confusion that results when Progressives adopt the vocabulary of the moral tradition to defend policies inimical to it (an affliction apparent in some of our leaders), he's unsparing in his description about where this confusion will lead us. Take a listen, but fasten your seat belts first. … [Read more...]

Two Podcasts from Fr. Peter Heer on New Martyr Fr. Daniel Sysoev [AUDIO]


The is a broad-ranging talk containing many good ideas that reveal deep insight about living our faith in Christ in modern culture. About Fr Peter Heer: From his mountaintop village, Petrokerasa, Greece, Fr. Peter Heer shares with us his ten years of experience of living the Faith and serving the Church in Greece, and in particular the ancient Church of the Thessalonians. It was to the Church of Thessalonica that the Apostle Paul preached the Faith 2,000 years ago and the wonderworker and hierarch Holy Gregory Palamas expounded his divine theology more than 500 years ago. On visits to parishes and monasteries, and in interviews with clergy and laymen, Fr. Peter, as an American convert, introduces us to the ancient practice of the Church in Greece in terms and ways we can readily understand and apply to our contemporary way of life. Podcasts courtesy of Ancient Faith Radio. HT: Byzantine, TX The New Martyr Father Daniel and the Royal Path in the Mission of the Church Father … [Read more...]

What Can Evangelicals and Orthodox Learn from One Another? [AUDIO]


Met. Timothy Ware: "We Orthodox have the fullness of the faith but we do not live it out. Our treasures remain hidden and we do not live up to what we should be doing...Orthodox Christians are nominal and formal in their faith." A lecture delivered at North Park University in Chicago in Feb of 2011 with His Eminence Metropolitan Kallistos Ware, Professor Emeritus in Eastern Orthodox Studies at Oxford University, and Bishop of Diokleia. Metropolitan Ka!istos is widely regarded as perhaps the world’s leading theologian of the Eastern Orthodox Church today . Podcast courtesy of Ancient Faith Radio. The following is a private interview with Illumined Heart guest host John Maddex. Podcast courtesy of Ancient Faith Radio. … [Read more...]

WRR Dallas: Interview with Met. Hilarion, Meets Former President George Bush


WRR Classical 101.1 in Dallas interviewed Met. Hilarion the afternoon before his concert. In the interview he discusses how he composes the music, his 20 year hiatus from composition, and more. It's an engaging interview that reveals some of the personal side of Met. Hilarion. Earlier that day Met. Hilarion met with former President George Bush. Source: HT: Byzantine, TX. On the morning of February 11th a meeting of Metropolitan Hilarion and former U.S. President George W. Bush was held. They spoke for over an hour. The two sides exchanged views on a wide range of issues. In particular, the DECR chairman shared his vision for the inter-Christian dialogue, stressing the need to work together representatives of different Christian denominations in the preservation of traditional moral values. To commemorate the meeting the chairman of the DECR gave former President George Bush his book "Orthodox Christianity: The History and Canonical Structure" in English and a … [Read more...]

Met. Hilarion Speaks at Highland Park Presbyterian, Dallas TX: No One Has Ever Seen God [AUDIO]


Met. Hilarion delivered the sermon at Highland Park Presbyterian Church in Dallas, Texas last Sunday (February 13, 2011). The title of his talk was "No One Has Ever Seen God." It was part of a larger pastoral visit where he met with Orthodox believers in the area, had an audience with former President George Bush, and attended the Dallas premier of his symphony "St. Matthew's Passion." Listen to his sermon below. It's an outstanding talk; a cogent and uncompromising defense of biblical morality and teaching. Listen here: … [Read more...]

Met. Jonah addresses inter-Christian assembly in Tulsa, Oklahoma (Nov. 2010) [VIDEO]


On November 5, 2010, His Beatitude Metropolitan Jonah traveled to Grace Lutheran Church, in Tulsa Oklahoma, where he had been invited to speak on Orthodox Christian Spirituality. His talk, entitled "Do Not React, Do Not Resent, Keep Inner Stillness." From the Holy Apostles Orthodox Church website: We were blessed to receive an archpastoral visit from His Beatitude Metropolitan Jonah this past weekend, November 5th - 7th. His Beatitude arrived on Friday, and went straight to Grace Lutheran Church, where he had been invited to speak on Orthodox Christian Spirituality. His talk, entitled "Do not react, do not resent, keep inner stillness" was well received by the audience of Lutheran, Roman Catholic, Orthodox, and other Christians. Watch the video: Source: Holy Apostle Orthodox Christian Church, 15710 S. Peoria Ave. Bixby, OK 74008. … [Read more...]

Interview with Frederica Mathewes-Green and Fr. Hans Jacobse [AUDIO]

Frederica - Here and Now

After the debate in Maryland, Frederica and Fr. Gregory Mathewes-Green invited me to their home for breakfast on the way to the airport. It was the first time I met them. Frederica is a very gracious woman. She made a beautiful breakfast (homemade pancakes, I love pancakes, these were great), we had some great conversation, and then she pulled out a portable microphone and started interviewing me. Fr. Gregory told me she carries the microphone in her purse and when the muse strikes her she records a podcast. What follows is the interview, a kind of immediate reflection on the debate two days earlier. … [Read more...]

Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick: Voice From Antioch: Martyrdom – Part 1a

In a new series beginning today, Fr. Andrew presents a study of major themes of the Orthodox Christian faith as found in the letters of the 2nd century martyr and 3rd bishop of Antioch, Ignatius the God-bearer. Podcast courtesy of Ancient Faith Radio Listen here: … [Read more...]

Hellenism and Byzantium

Dr. James Skedros

Revised, October 6, 2010, 6:40am. I don't know why it is taking OCN all summer to release the lectures on Hellenism and Orthodoxy held at St. Vladimir's Seminary symposium last spring, but another one was finally posted. Dr. James Skedros, the Michael G. and Anastasia Cantonis Professor of Byzantine Studies at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology spoke on "Hellenism and Byzantium." Lots of interesting stuff here, such as when "Hellenism" was first defined in opposition to the West and Turks (after the Fourth Crusade), when it was first used to define the Eastern Christian population and took on the meaning of cultural identity (after subjugation to the Turks) and so forth. It's a fascinating lecture, well prepared and presented. I wish it was longer. One note: The shift to a political definition of "Hellenism" occurred between 1261-1453. Skedros argues this shift is still not complete. That's true. We argue it here all the time, especially the most recent … [Read more...]

Wesley J. Smith – Bioethics: Creating a Culture of Death

St. Tikhon's Seminary

The Fall 2010 Lecture Series at St. Tikhon's revolves around various life issues and the first speaker in the series is Wesley Smith who is a lawyer and an award winning author as well as a Senior Fellow in Human Rights and Bioethics at the Discovery Institute. He is introduced by the Dean of the Seminary, Fr. Alexander Atty. Listen here: Frederica Mathews-Green also has a podcast reflecting on a recent lecture by Wesley J. Smith. Listen here: Podcasts courtesy of Ancient Faith Radio. … [Read more...]

Fr. Peter Preble interviews Fr. Hans Jacobse on the Mosque at Ground Zero

Fr. Peter-Michael Preble interviewed me (more of a running conversation actually) about the building of the mosque at Ground Zero after my article was published on Catholic Online. In it I discuss some of the ideas that inform the argument I made in the article. Fr. Peter blogs at Shepherd of Souls, and Fr. Peter-Michael Preble. He hosts the Shepherd of Souls podcast on Ancient Faith Radio. Listen here: … [Read more...]

Founding an Orthodox Liberal Arts and Sciences College

Kevin Allen interviews Dr. Frank Papatheofanis, President of the new St. Katherine College, about what it takes to start an Orthodox liberal arts and sciences college. Listen here: … [Read more...]