August 29, 2014

Tucson Tragedy


Peter Evans | January 10, 2011 | Peter and Helen Evans: On Politics and Prayer Everybody has something to say about the shooting in Tucson, Arizona, where a 22-year-old man killed six people and wounded at least twice as many more at a political event on Saturday. Among those he killed are a federal judge and a nine-year-old girl. Among the (critically) injured is the Congressional representative for the district where the shooting took place. Because so little is known about the shooter, and because he is not “cooperating” with police, much of the commentary is devoted to speculation about his motivation for doing the deed. … [Read more...]

Chuck Colson on the Manhattan Declaration: Where do we go from here?

Peter and Helen Evans

Peter and Helen Evans interview Chuck Colson, a drafter of the Manhattan Declaration, about what the Declaration means for the larger culture. Colson discusses the necessity of protecting the dignity of life at every stage of life, traditional marriage for the stability of society, and religious liberty which protects freedom of conscience. The purpose of the Declaration is to build a movement, Colson says, that crosses confessional divides. Western culture is in "serious straights." "Every serious Christian should sign this and promote it in their community." Peter and Helen Evans blog at and are the authors of Get Serious: The Church's Stand on Contemporary Culture. Check out their series: Why I Signed the Manhattan Declaration. … [Read more...]

Timothy George on the Manhattan Declaration

HT: Peter and Helen Evans "The best dialogue occurs among people who are of great conviction about what they believe. ... I do not believe in an ecumenism of accommodation. I do believe in an ecumenism of conviction." Interviewer: Peter and Helen Evans. … [Read more...]

Robert P. George: Why I signed the Manhattan Declaration

Peter and Helen Evans are posting interviews with signers of the Manhattan Declaration. The latest is Robert P. George. They have around 20 interviews including some Orthodox signers on their site … [Read more...]

If you are going to the March for Life this week…

St. Nicholas Cathedral (OCA)

...consider attending the "Pilgrimage to Prayer" at St. Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral in Washington, DC (get map). Peter and Helen Evans, members of St. Nicholas have organized a prayer vigil on January 21, 2010 that starts after Vespers and continues until midnight. Come by yourself or with a group and read some Psalms aloud or just offer some silent prayer. Some people will be preparing for the March for Life, others will be giving thanks and offering gratitude to God, and some will be asking for a relief of troubles for themselves or their loved ones (See: All I Can Do Is Pray). Orthodox or non-Orthodox, members of St. Nicholas or not -- all are welcome. As the church is softly lit with candles only, the proper atmosphere is fostered to "lay aside all earthly cares" and to pray, to walk around and make a prayerful connection with the Saints in the icons, or to make prostrations before the relics and experience their power. If you would like to read the Psalms, email Peter … [Read more...]

Met. Jonah: Why I signed the Manhattan Declaration


Met. Jonah explains why he signed the Manhattan Declaration. H/T Peter and Helen Evans Interviewer: Why did you sign the Manhattan Declaration? Met. Jonah: ...I believe in the same basic principles that are enunciated in the Manhattan Declaration. I believe also that many of them are the basic teachings of the Church regarding human life and how we are supposed to live -- first and foremost the stance on pro-life, the sanctity of life from conception to natural death, and how critically important it is to protect that every step of the way... See the complete interview and more interviews with Orthodox signers (and others) on the Peter and Helen Evans website (website under construction). … [Read more...]