August 21, 2014

An Insider’s View of the Collapse of the PCUSA


This quote reflects Calvinist theology, but the moral point the author makes is applicable to all Christian communions: "On the surface, it is not obvious how affirming and defending the imputation of Christ’s righteousness adds weight to ordaining only candidates who affirm and try to live by biblical standards of morality. But just as New York City experimented with the policy described as "broken windows" and discovered that cracking down on petty public nuisances could also reduce harder crimes, so the PCUSA may be discovering that once you lighten your grip on seemingly arcane doctrines you also lose the ability to enforce any sort of doctrinal or moral standard. [...] In fact, the reactions from proponents of gay ordination very much reflect that for them the question was not whether the church would adhere to God's word but whether the denomination would find a place for victims of discrimination." Source: First Things What Barth and Niebuhr Could Not … [Read more...]