August 29, 2014

Appeal from the Patriarch of Romania and a response

Seal of he Patriarchate of Romania

The Romanian Patriarch issued an appeal on February 11, 2010 " all Romanian Orthodox clerics and faithful abroad, who are, without blessing, in other sister Orthodox Churches or in non-canonical church structures, to restore their direct communion with their Mother Church, under the canonical jurisdiction of the Holy Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church." Taking what appears to be a page from the Ecumenical Patriarchate's book, the Romanian Patriarchate asserts the universality of the Church (the "Catholic -- or katholikos in the Nicene Creed's "...only Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church) is derived not from the trans-cultural, trans-tribal, and trans-national character of the Gospel, but from ethnic identity and affiliation albeit without the accouterments such as the universality of Hellenism to buttress the argument. Not everyone agrees. I've posted the response to the appeal first, and the original appeal second. Postings on this page are truncated (signers names … [Read more...]