August 21, 2014

Where Have All the Flowers Gone? Or, Where Lies CEOYLA?


The CEOYLA struggled for years to please the hierarchs and the clergy, to be understood, to be accepted, to be messengers of a unified Church in North America, but to no avail. They didn’t know what they were doing ‘wrong’ or what was considered ‘acceptable.’ The Church withdrew or let languish its support of the CEOYLA and the young of the various ‘jurisdictions’ stood apart, as though some form of invisible ‘ecclesiastical Berlin Walls’ had been erected between them. (Bp. Nathaniel Popp in Solia – The Herald, April 2000.) Source: Orthodox Christian Laity (OCL) By Archbishop Nathaniel (Popp) As everyone knows, a flower has the potential to become fruit, which, in turn, bears seed that is a source of new life. An old German song entitled “Where have all the flowers gone?” referred to the young men who had been sent off to war. It was a verifiable assumption that many would not return to initiate new life in society. What a dismal future this foretold, youth nipped in … [Read more...]

Met. Jonah Keynote Address – The Episcopal Assembly

From Ancient Faith Radio Metropolitan Jonah addresses the assembly with his perspective on the Episcopal Assembly process currently underway in North America. Listen here: … [Read more...]

Transcript of Bp. Basil interview about the Episcopal Assembly

Matthew Namee talks with His Grace Bishop Basil, the newly elected Secretary of the Episcopal Assemblies. We learn of his impressions of the historic May 26-28 gathering in New York as well as the assignment he has been given to coordinate the work of the committees that will be formed leading up eventually to a Great and Holy Council. Listen here: Transcript: (HT: Orthodox History) Matthew Namee: I’m privileged today to be sitting here with His Grace, Bishop Basil of Wichita, the new Secretary of the Episcopal Assembly. His Grace has graciously agreed to sit down and chat with me a little bit about the Episcopal Assembly, the process, and his own impressions of it. Thank you very much for your time, Sayedna. First of all, could you tell us a little bit about what your impressions were of the meetings? What was it like to be one of the hierarchs there? … [Read more...]

GOA Deacon responds to Dn. Eric Wheeler

Dn. Panagiotis Hanley

Hierarchal Assembly - Dn. Panagiotis Hanley - Greek Orthodox Metropolis of New Jersey | June 27, 2010 | HT: Orthodox Christian Laity (OCL) Protodeacon Eric Wheeler’s editorial was mind-boggling and quite surprising. His conclusions and arguments were all over the map and quite inaccurate. That old world mentality, which he spoke of, is what has kept the Orthodox Church throughout the world from becoming a protestant church. Fast food spiritually is what I call it. Get in, get out, and get Jesus! That old world mentality has kept Orthodox Christians throughout the world away from that pit fall; with some exceptions of course, that I am sure my critics shall point out. That old world mentality is what we call Tradition in the Orthodox Church with a capital ‘T’. This is a mindset that has served Orthodoxy well since the Church was founded. It is found in the Gospels and in the Book of Acts, as well as throughout the Holy Scriptures, and is so ancient in fact; it has its roots in … [Read more...]

A Challenging Vision For Orthodox Christians in America: An Interview With Father John Meyendorff

Fr. John Meyendorff

HT: OCANews A Challenging Vision For Orthodox Christians in America: An Interview With Father John Meyendorff Translated (with Introduction) by Father Robert M. Arida, Boston MA Introduction In 1990 the late Father John Meyendorff, renowned church historian, patrologist and dean of St. Vladimir’s Seminary, was interviewed in Paris by Antoine Niviere. The interview was subsequently published in Service Orthodoxe de Presse (no.146, March 1990). Some 20 years later it was reprinted in Le Messager Orthodoxe (no. 148, 1-2009). Father John’s responses to Niviere’s poignant questions help to provide, in a very condensed format, an historical and theological backdrop for evaluating the recent Episcopal Assembly convened by His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. The interview also provides a vision for its work in the future. This historic assembly, held in New York City on May 26-28, 2010 was a response to the decisions … [Read more...]

Greek Orthodoxy, the Ecumenical Patriarchate, and the Church in the USA


Download pdf. Greek Orthodoxy, the Ecumenical Patriarchate, and the Church in the USA1 V. Rev. Archimandrite Elpidophoros Lambriniadis Chief Secretary of the Holy and Sacred Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate Venerable Hierarchs, Rev. Dr. John Behr, Dean, Reverend Clergy, Brothers and Sisters, It is a particular privilege and pleasure to be among you today, in the academic halls of St. Vladimir’s Theological Seminary, this nursery of theological letters and priestly vocation, which has been grounded in the Russian spirituality and intellectual thought of such great theologians and ministers of the church as the fathers George Florovsky, Alexander Schmemann and John Meyendorff. I wish to express my sincere gratitude to the successors of these extraordinary theologians for the invitation extended to me to participate in this distinguished scholarly Symposium in order to enjoy the opportunity to convey to all of you the paternal greetings and Patriarchal blessings … [Read more...]

The “Myth” of Unity: A Response to a 2009 Address Given at St Vladimir’s Seminary

George Michalopulos, prolific contributor to the Orthodox blog, essayist, and keen critic of Orthodox culture and politics wrote an essay challenging some of the conclusions offered by Matthew Namee at the Symposium on Orthodox Unity held at St. Vladimir Seminary on June, 20, 2009. Read his abstract below. The full article can be found on Orthodoxy Today. Read it, then return here for discussion. By George Michalopulos ABSTRACT: Last year, a symposium entitled The Council and the Tomos: 20th Century Landmarks Towards a 21st Century Church, was held at St Vladimir’s Seminary (Crestwood, June 18-20, 2009). One of the speakers, Matthew Namee, presented an expanded version of a paper he delivered the previous year at the Orthodox Theological Society in America. His paper was titled, “The Myth of Unity and the Origins of Jurisdictional Pluralism in North America.” Namee expanded an earlier thesis to argue that the story of the Russian Mission and the implicit unity it fostered in … [Read more...]

Mattingly: The Orthodox question for 2010

Terry Mattingly

By TERRY MATTINGLY - Scripps Howard News Service | The first Orthodox missionaries to reach Alaska traveled with the early Russian explorers and, in 1794, a party of monks established the Orthodox Christian Mission to America. [...] "Before the 1920s, there was only one jurisdiction in North America -- that of the Russian Orthodox Church, which, as we know, was open to ... the widest variety of ethnic communities," said Archbishop Justinian of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, during last week's Episcopal Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Hierarchs in North and Central America. "Much has changed since that time. The tumultuous events of the 20th century forced many citizens of traditionally Orthodox countries to leave their native homes and seek refuge in other countries, which led to the rise of large ethnic Orthodox communities beyond the boundaries of corresponding local churches." But the key to conditions today, he stressed, is the fact that an … [Read more...]

There is No Diaspora, Metropolitan Philip Says, Questions the Purpose of the Bishops Assembly

Metropolitan Phillip

The warrior is back! Met. Philip cuts to the heart of some of the nonsense around the Episcopal Assembly. Some highlights: There is no Diaspora here. We decided in 1994 with the late Archbishop Iakovos. We rejected the term Diaspora for North America. I am going to propose the rejection of this term Diaspora The non-recognition of the OCA by Constantinople and Antioch is hypocrisy. (Pat. Bartholomew) cannot stand the words "Orthodox unity." And, the untouchable issue: Question: How do feel about pederasty and homosexuality in the Church? Answer: It is the most disgusting, it is a horrible thing, and there is no reason in the Orthodox Church for it and I absolutely have zero tolerance for it. This is good. ++++++++++++ The National Herald, Friday, May 21, 2010 By Theodore Kalmoukos BOSTON - Metropolitan Philip, Primate of the Autonomous Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of America with 265 parishes, six Bishops and 350 priests, is the Vice-Chairman of … [Read more...]

The Bishops Are Coming To New York, As Complex Diaspora Question Looms

Fr. Mark Arey

Read closely. What are the greatest fears? The autocephaly of the OCA (wild card) and the Ligonier Council (precedent). The times are changing folks. The lumbering bureaucratic structures that have sublimated the nascent creativity and energy of American Orthodoxy under the weight Old World self-interest might be loosing their grip. There is more anxiety here than is being revealed. +++++++++++++++++++++ The National Herald, Friday, May 21, 2010 By Theodore Kalmoukos Nearly 60 hierarchs will descend on New York from May 26-28 for the first Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops from the United States, Canada and Central America, under the chairmanship of Archbishop Demetrios of America, and the stage has been set for some clashes about the direction the church should take, and the role of self-rule of some. The Assembly will convene at the Helmsley Park Lane Hotel, and its expense will be assumed by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese, through the Leadership 100 grant to the … [Read more...]

Pentecost 2010 Springtime for the Church in the Americas!

By George Matsoukas, Executive Director of Orthodox Christian Laity Behold how good and pleasant it is when brethren dwell together in unity — Psalm 133:1 During the week following Pentecost, May 26-27, 2010 sixty five Orthodox Christian bishops, who have their sees in North and Central America, have been invited to gather at the Helmsley Park Hotel. The bishops will convene as the Episcopal Assembly which is an interim-transitional governing body of the Orthodox Christian Church in this New World territory. The purpose of the Assembly is to begin the process of developing the foundation for a canonically ordered unified Orthodox Church in the Americas. The blueprint that they develop for a canonically United Church will require more than this initial meeting. This process must eventually involve the whole body of the Church including clergy and laity. The final product, fashioned through a conciliar process and representing the work of the people of God will be presented … [Read more...]

It is time to finish what began at Ligonier!

By St. Andrew House, Center for Orthodox Christian Studies Board of Directors: Steve Lionas, Dean Calvert, Myke Jacobs, Warren David Visit the St. Andrew House "Orthodox Episcopal Assembly" on Facebook Sixteen years ago the bishops of the various jurisdictions of the Orthodox Churches in America met in Ligonier, Pennsylvania, to map out the road to a unified American Orthodox Church. Call it the “Ligonier Council” -- the First Council of Orthodox Bishops in America. The air was electric. Called by the two towering leaders of Orthodoxy in America -- Archbishop Iakovos of the Greek Orthodox Church (GOA) and Metropolitan Philip of the Antiochian Church (AOCA) and courageously supported by representatives of Romanian, Serbian and Bulgarian jurisdictions, the bishops resolved to tackle head-on the vexing problems of Orthodox jurisdictional disunity in America. The Church in America had turned a corner. It was not to last. The news upset many of the Old … [Read more...]