August 28, 2014

Alaskan Diocesan Assembly passes resolution on the environment

H/T: Orrologion ANCHORAGE, AK [Diocese of Alaska/ October 21, 2009] -- The Orthodox Diocese of Alaska, meeting at its annual Assembly at Saomt Innocent Cathedral here, passed a unanimous resolution today, calling on state and federal agencies to deny permits to any "commercial or economic project" that threatens to damage or pollute the natural environment. The basis for the Church's opposition to any "development" derives from a spiritual and theological concern, rather than political considerations. The resolution first cites the traditional reverential attitude Alaska Native peoples have always had toward their environment, and then lists the Biblical sources for the belief that God blessed the world at the time of creation and that, despite human greed, waste and sin, He now is renewing it, restoring it, blessing and sanctifying it. Central to the Church's declaration is its affirmation that for over 200 years, parishes along the lakes and rivers have been performing … [Read more...]